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How Much Does a Dental Crown Cost?

What's the normal price range for dental crowns, when you have to pay out of pocket and have no dental insurance? READ MORE

How Much for a Crown for my Dental Implant?

I had a dental implant placed 8 years ago. I did not and still do not have dental insurance so I put off getting the crown (I believe its called a... READ MORE

Difference Between Crowns and Veneers?

Is there a big difference between crows and veneers other than price? How much more costly is it? READ MORE

My Front Two Teeth Have Chipped About 3 Times in the 6 Months?

Each time my teeth chip my dentist files down the tooth. It has gotten to the point where my teeth are starting to look ridiculous and they have... READ MORE

How Much Will It Cost Me to Have a Crown Replaced?

I have my original crown in London during school - 1997. I moved to work overseas in Ghana and it came of in 2009. had it recemented but did was not... READ MORE

Are Crowns A Good Alternative to Veneers? (cost issues)

Are crowns a good choice for front teeth if veneers are not a option financially READ MORE

Cost of Porcelain Fused to High Noble Metal?

I went to the dentist today and was told that I need a crown. On the treatment plan, the fee for "Crown-porc fuse high noble mtl" is $944.00 plus a... READ MORE

How Much Will It Cost for a Dental Crown for my Rooth Canal Teeth? I'm from West Des Moine

My lower jaw teeth which had undergone Root Canal Surgery has been cracked in the top,I need a crown for it, I need to know the rough estimate for... READ MORE

Anterior Teeth Restoration After Root Canal?

My endo accidentally performed a root canal on #26 when I needed it done on #25, so I now need two restorations. He is being a professional and has... READ MORE

How Much Would It Cost to Get Permanent Vampire Teeth? I Think It's Called Crowned or Something?

I would like to get vampire teeth. Four to be exact. Like the teeth from the movie Queen of the Damned, and I was wondering how much it would cost to... READ MORE

I need 3 gold caps removed

I have had 3 gold caps on my teeth for 20 plus years.I want them gone 1of the caps have slide down very ulgy .don't have a lot of money or insurance... READ MORE

Is There Such a Thing As a "Crown Upgrade"? I'm Being Charged an Extra $300 Because of This.

I've had 2 other crowns done by a different dentist and have never heard of this-- they claim that it's a stronger material, but I'm pretty sure they... READ MORE

Does an All Porcelain Fixed Bridge Cost More Than One That Has a Metal Base?

I recently had a 3 crown bridge fixed to my molars. It was made of all porcelain, and has cracked twice. My dentist has now recommended to have... READ MORE

Can I get dental crowns on my front teeth if I'm 16 years old? How much would it cost to get both of my front teeth done?

Please can you answer this question quick because i want to make an appointment asap. Thank you. READ MORE

What is the Expected Cost from the Dentist to Put Crowns, with a Bridge, on Two Implants?

I just had two implants placed (teeth 19 and 21; there was never a tooth in site 20). Next step is to have the "crowns" put on over teeth 19... READ MORE

Is It Customary to Be Charged for "Por Margin" in Addition to the Cost of a Crown?

I had a "Crown-porc fuse high noble mtl" installation which I paid for, but was also billed for a "Por Margin" which I wonder what... READ MORE

Is an Emax crown on tooth 7 worth the additional $250 compared to a metal one covered in porcelain?

I have a veneer (20 years old) that chipped on tooth 7. My new dentist recommended a crown. He also recommended a material my insurance will not cover... READ MORE

Can my broken crown be fixed, or would it need to be replaced? How much would it cost?

I have a crown on my front tooth which cracked/broke today, will it need to be rplaced or can the existing crown be fixed, will it be expensive? READ MORE

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