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Can the Color of a Crown Be Improved?

I was unhappy with the colour of a crown so I asked the dentist if this could be changed: the surface colour was good in outdoor light, but the tooth... READ MORE

Will Zoom Whitening Change the Color of Crowns?

All my teeth are capped except 6 front uppers and 6 front lowers. The crowns behind these front teeth are slightly yellow with age. Will this Zoom!... READ MORE

I Am Unhappy with the Color Matching of a Crown in the Front of my Mouth?

Can I go back to my dentist and ask him to redo the crown without having to pay again? READ MORE

I Am 59 and Unhappy About the Color of my Recent Crowns. What Should I Do? (photo)

I visited the dentist 3 years ago regarding worn out teeth due to bruxism and chronic headaches. The dentist diagnosed a malocclusion and suggested... READ MORE

Are Lighter Shades of Porcelain Being Used for Now As Opposed to 20 Years Ago?

Have read that porcelain doesn't stain much, but in most of the pictures have noticed where old crowns have been replaced the new shade is... READ MORE

The crowns on my front teeth aren't the same color. Can they be improved? (Photo)

My front tooth are dead and I have 3 porcelain crowns. But they are different color. My dentist said can't be done anything. I'm really sad. Is it... READ MORE

Do my crowns look fake? What to do with color mismatch? (photos)

I had healthy teeth but decided to put veneers because they were small and yellow. But my dentist instead chose emax crowns without asking me. I am... READ MORE

My New 2 Front Dental Fused to Metal Porcelain Crown Looks So Bright Compare to my Other Teeth Does It Lose Brightness in Time?

My dentist decided to put shade a3 to my crowns but she told me that my real shade is a3.5. she told me it will look better on me since im only 27... READ MORE

I just got an implant for my front tooth a month ago; the A1 color does not match the A1 color of the rest of my upper crowns.

I got my upper teeth done about 6-7 years ago and got crowns with the A1 color. However, I had an accident and one of my front teeth needed to be... READ MORE

Are my temporary crowns supposed to look like this? (Photo)

These are embarrassing! I can see my shaved down teeth through the temporary, the coloris disgusting and they feel gritty to the touch. I'm afraid... READ MORE

Can I improve the colouring of my crowns, which are black where they meet my gums? (photo)

I have six upper frontal crowns and they are discoloured at the point where they meet my gums. This is visible when I smile. Is it possible to get... READ MORE

The crown is so noticeable and sometimes looks way to white and up close its really yellow. Any suggestions? (photos)

Is there a better solution on getting a perfect color or match to my other teeth. My other teeth are pretty white but a little transparent READ MORE

Should I redo this crown? (Photo)

I have a single tooth zirconia crown put on less than a year ago. I am very unhappy with the way it looks. I think that the color does not match and... READ MORE

I Just Had Crowns 3 Weeks Ago and Don't Like the Color..they Are a Grayish Yellow. How Do I Get my Dentist to Redo Them?

I Just Had Crowns 3 Weeks Ago and Don't Like the Color..they Are a Grayish Yellow. How Do I Get my Dentist to Redo Them? READ MORE

Does my Front Tooth Crown match? (photos)

I just put a new crown and not sure if it was Zirconia or all porcelain but I'm not happy with the color and look is it just me?? I need help I did... READ MORE

Are there cases where a porcelain fused to metal crown is better for a front tooth than a porcelain crown? (photo)

Several years ago I chipped #10 and had a root canal. The tooth "died" and turned greyish green. A few months ago, I got a porcelain crown. I noticed... READ MORE

Change the color of my zirconia crowns?

Hello, I'm a 26 year old female from saudi arabia . I've just placed 10 teeth zirconium crowns on my upper teeth but I'm not happy with the result the... READ MORE

Matching a Root-canaled #8 Porcelain Crown to (Stump is 24years Old) a Veneer @ #9 (Chipped Tooth)?

I have had 4 porcelain crowns replacements,for various reasons on#8.Recently I chipped#9 and needed it fixed.The dentist suggested I replace the... READ MORE

I Had an Accident when I Was 14 That Fractured my Two Front Teeth,went to a Dentist but Did Not Get the Required Result? (photo)

When i was 14 i had an accident that fractured my two front teeth. went to see a dentist but the result i got after the visit is still making me feel... READ MORE

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