Chipped Tooth + Dental Crown

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What Causes the Whole Tooth to Turn Black Under a Temporary Crown?

I had a back tooth that was chipped and the filling was old so the Dr. recommended a crown. After all the prep work, a temp crown was put on and i... READ MORE

My Upper Porcelain Crown Chipped After Many Yrs of No Problem?

The lower crown is porcelain in the front & metal in the back, whereas my upper chipped porcelain crown is all porcelain .... Could the metal on... READ MORE

My Front Two Teeth Have Chipped About 3 Times in the 6 Months?

Each time my teeth chip my dentist files down the tooth. It has gotten to the point where my teeth are starting to look ridiculous and they have... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for a chipped molar with no nerve exposure and no pain?

A side piece of one of my molars was chipped off today during dinner, there's no pain and no nerves are exposed, looking into nhs charges I can't... READ MORE

Chipped Teeth with Root Canal. One Dentist Say Crown Might Not Be Possible Another Suggest Post and Core?

Hi One of my back teeth had a root canal (top 3rd from the back) just over a year ago and half of it has chipped off (another tooth had root canal... READ MORE

Hole in upper right molar -- Does my tooth need to be removed? (photo)

A piece of my upper right rear molar fell out yesterday. My dentist told me that the only options were removal (and no replacement) or removal with an... READ MORE

Does oil pulling chips off a crown?

I am thinking of starting oil pulling but I have two all ceremic crowns and I have heard that oil pulling chips of crowns. It's been five months since... READ MORE

Is It Necessary to Do Root Canal on a Chipped off Teeth with Exposed Dentine?

A portion my teeth is chipped off from the edge (one week before) and its dentine is exposed. But there is no pain. My dentist told me that I should... READ MORE

Recent Crowns on 5 Front Teeth Are Now Breaking off, Do Dentists Have to Guarantee Their Work?

I recently had 5 crowns put on my top front teeth. Three of the teeth were chipping quite often so the dentist said I should get crowns on all 5 so... READ MORE

How to Manage Broken Zircon Crowns?

I had my zirconia crown fitted for the upper four incisor teeth 3 weeks ago in Turkey. One of the tooth chipped and the other one is broken within a... READ MORE

Is a Chipped eMax Crown Still Strong? (photo)

Hello, I recently had an emax crown placed on one of my lateral incisors, and have recently chipped the bottom of it. The chip is very small, but I... READ MORE

Chipped porcelain crown - Fix or replace? (photo)

I chipped my right upper porcelain crown and am wanting to see if it can be fixed or if I have to have it replaced. READ MORE

Replacing PFM Crown with Ceramic Crown on Existing Metal Post and Core a Good Idea? (photo)

Went in for bonding repair on chipped front top tooth next to PFM crown. Dentist suggested 2 crowns, 1 to replace the PFM crown (14 years old) with... READ MORE

Why is the entire back of my crowned tooth gone black? (photos)

I originally chipped my tooth from a coin being thrown at me. I had a root canal and then I received a crown. It has only just been put in last year... READ MORE

Is it unreasonable to request that he replace the crown free of charge and Is his suggested fix a good plan? (Photo)

I had a wisdom tooth on the lower ride side extracted today - second molar? The first molar is a metal alloy crown fused to porcelain, which is around... READ MORE

Will eating habits have to change while having a crown on your left incisor?

I'm a young male, who tripped and chipped off about a third of my tooth and very worried that I'll never be able to 'bite' into an apple ever again,... READ MORE

Front tooth broken by accident (was hit by a racquet), is crown/root canal necessary?

Two front teeth injured by trauma. One (left) severely (dentist say lost about half of the visible tooth), one (right) chipped but with possible... READ MORE

Wobbly temporary crown with pain after root canal. What should I do?

I chipped a tooth a few weeks ago (#30). Although I had no pain at the time, my dentist crowned it. After the temporary crown, I couldn't chew on that... READ MORE

Crown put on chipped molar 4 days ago. Tooth is very sensitive and jaw hurts. Is something wrong?

Has a crown put on chipped molar with deep fillings. First two days no pain at all. Day three sensitivity started with little pain. Day four tooth is... READ MORE

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