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CEREC vs. Lab for Dental Crown

A friend said I shouldn't go to my dentist for a crown. she said the best way to go about crowns is to find a dentist who has a CEREC machine where... READ MORE

Why Should I Chose CEREC Crowns Over Other Types of Crowns?

What are the advantages of CEREC crowns? Is the procedure better? Is the outcome better? READ MORE

Disadvantages To Porcelain Crown at the Same Visit?

Are there any disadvantages in that type of a crown? READ MORE

Dentist Wants to Do CEREC on my Center Two Front Teeth. Would Lab Crowns Be Better?

As a teen, my teeth were bonded to close a gap teeth with poor results. In my early twenties a dentist suggested crowns as a permanent solution. I... READ MORE

How Long Should a CEREC Crown to Hold Up over the Years if they are exposed to Teeth Grinding?

Can a CEREC crown last for 20-30 years when exposed to nightly teeth grinding? What factors reduce the lifetime of a CEREC crown? READ MORE

Cerec and Reliability?

What are the disadvantages of having Cerec on the back teeth? Will they be as reliable as other crown options? Is choosing Cerec over other crowns... READ MORE

Composite Filling, Inlay/onlay, Crown, or CEREC?

My dentist said he can restore my tooth #28 by all of the above and tooth #15 by all except a crown. He mentioned that crown requires the most shaving... READ MORE

How Long Should Cerec Crowns Last?

Should cerec crowns to last as long as other brands/techniques? Is this in the ballpark of 20 years or more? READ MORE

My CEREC Crown Still Hurts when I Bite?

I had my CEREC partial/inlay crown done 3 months ago on lower left molar. But ever since I still can not bite since it is painful and sensitive. I... READ MORE

How Long is a CEREC Appointment?

A CEREC crown can be fitted in a single appointment, how long is the appointment? Will a CEREC crown last as long as a traditional porcelain crown? READ MORE

I Requested Lab Crowns Vs CEREC for Anterior Teeth. Doc Now Has Ordered Prismatik CZ. Is This Better?

I am very concerned about esthetics and took your advice re: lab made crowns for my front teeth. My dentist agreed to use a lab based on my concerns.... READ MORE

How Are CEREC Crowns Restored?

Is the process different for restoring CEREC crowns compared to other crowns? READ MORE

Multiple CEREC Crown Failures, is Sirona or my Dentist responsible and what can or should be done?

I had CEREC crowns placed on tooth numbers 19, 30 and 31. I was told by my dentist that CEREC is just as durable as any other crown, looks more... READ MORE

Why do my cerec crowns keep cracking?

I've had two chip away between teeth, and one just cracked in half while eating an oreo. These crowns are between 2 and 5 years old. Do I need a new... READ MORE

Any explanation why I still experience pain when I touch/tap on my CEREC dental crown that was placed over 2 months ago?

I had a crown and root canal done on tooth #28 on April 2015. After a week I went back because of pain when I chew and touch/tap on the crown. Bite... READ MORE

Can you give me information on CEREC crowns over the conventional crown technology?

I have had only one crown, it was the conventional type, tooth shaping, temp crown, the return for the permanent. I experienced a lot of pain from the... READ MORE

My Porcelain/metal Crown Fits Poorly. Can CEREC Replacements Be Done Without Viewing the Original Unprepped Tooth?

This was my first crown, tooth #30. Over correction on the bite resulted in a tooth that cannot grind, causes pain to bite in the crowned and opposing... READ MORE

Grove Around Crowns. What About Costs For CEREC?

I just got crowns on 2-5, 2-6, I can feel a grove around the margin of each and I'm wondering if this as a concern? I also had a predetermination done... READ MORE

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