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My husband's tooth has a huge hole - can it be filled in? (Phoot)

My husbands tooth has a huge hole can it be filled in? or is it too big to be filled? Also around how much would the cost be? He does not have... READ MORE

I Have Large "Black Triangles" 3 mm Wide Between my Front Teeth, Are Crowns a Good Option?

I have large "black triangles" between my front teeth. They are about 3 mm wide. I wanted to cover up these spaces. My dentist said these... READ MORE

Low Enamel Due to Acid Reflux - Crowns Needed?

Thank you in advance for your help! Reflux has stripped most of the enamel from my front top 4-6 teeth. These teeth are now smaller in length, thinner... READ MORE

Do I Need Crowns on my Top Front Teeth? (photo)

Ive been good with brushing my teeth, however whenever i graduated im 19 now i got a little lazy and wasnt brushing my teeth i did drink lots of soda... READ MORE

Am I Entitled to a New Bridge on the NHS if My Old One is Turning Grey?

I was advised to have a bridge in my teens because my canine didn't grow down. I have had the current one for approx 25 years. I now have a grey... READ MORE

Crown lengthening, Should I do it? (photos)

I have four veneer composites for my front teeth for years (I used to have some gaps between my front teeth) now my dentist has offered me to do the... READ MORE

Is It Likely That a Woman of 60 Years of Age Will get Results From Orthodontics?

I have a few dental issues. My dentist at Univ of Iowa Dental is trying to correct an ill advised cosmetic job on lower front teeth. He has to correct... READ MORE

If you have root resorption, external or internal, will crowning over teeth do any good? Will the crowns not fail later?

My husband teeth are just crumbling away. Getting smaller & smaller. He see's the dentist soon. Our dentist is all about crowns. I want to know if he... READ MORE

90 with Gapping Front Teeth?

Mother in law is 90 she has 5 front upper teeth left, 2 of the crowns came off, has no stub of teeth left, she 1 tooth on right side left, 2 on the... READ MORE

Crown for Front Teeth? (photo)

Hello sir m rehmat khan from India and I have my front teeth out of shape and I dnt want to put braces for whole year. Fi there is any other way like... READ MORE

I'm 17 - can I get a crown for my broken front tooth?

I broke my front tooth in 5th grade. When I got it fixed, the dentist made it shorter than it was before, saying that my gums were higher on that... READ MORE

Am I eligible for crowns/ veneers?

My adult teeth have very little enamel, making my teeth appear yellowish and stained. My teeth are sensitive and I've tried just about everything to... READ MORE

Should I see a periodontist to see if I'm a candidate for a crown lengthening procedure? (Photo)

I'm 35 and finally able to get my teeth fixed (grew up poor). I had 2 root canals done 12 yrs ago, but was never able to get crowns. Long story short,... READ MORE

Upper teeth, 9 implants and 3 natural teeth, should I get splinted crowns (3 units) vs individual crowns?

One dentist said splinted, another stated individual crowns since I had all the work done (told my implants were excellent and should be able to do... READ MORE

Can I get a crown if my teeth are in line? Trying to fix my smile without braces (Photo)

I am interested in getting 6 crowns places on my front teeth as they are not as straight as i would like, i went to a dentist who recommended braces... READ MORE

Does this tooth need a crown? (Photo)

The hygienist said that it needed a crown and the dentist ran with it. I've known him for a total of 7 minutes, but I've been looking at that line on... READ MORE

Am I good candidate for Crown or Veneers? (Photo)

I have been self conscious about my crooked teeth for a long time and would like to straighten them. I take care of my teeth ( clean and floss) so I... READ MORE

Would you recommend a dental crown/bridge for my situation?

I have small teeth with a gap in between the front two, along with a slightly crooked tooth 2 over from the front. I don't have any problems with my... READ MORE

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