Broken Tooth + Dental Crown

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My Temporary Crown on the Back Tooth Came Off- Do I Need To Cement Temporarily Until Dentist Visit?

I can see the doctor in two days only because it's a weekend. Can I just wait two days and not to put it back until I see my dentist or I have to... READ MORE

My Temp Crown Broke for the Third Time, What Should I Do?

My temp crown broke for the third time today, I'm going in in two weeks for the permanent crown to be put in. I'm in no pain at the moment, does it... READ MORE

Can a Bad Dental Crown Cause TMJ? Is it Permanent?

In Nov I got crown for tooth #30,was broken and doesn't have any infection(#30 was impacted by #31 now removd) I crown altered my bite and caused... READ MORE

Bad Temporary Crown?

One tooth crowned as the tooth was broken, temp crown procedure completed. Exp'd pain upon biting, on liquid diet for a wk & it remains pain upon... READ MORE

How to Attached a Porcelain Dental Crown to Half of Tooth #20 Split Down the Middle. Half Goes All the Way to Gum-line? (photo)

The web shows endless examples of tooth crown preparation onto teeth with 100% of tooth still far above gum-line. My tooth in contrast is half lost,... READ MORE

What is the Time Span a Dentist is Responsible for Crowns?

I did my from 6 teeth with crowns. Part was a bridge of 4 teeth, and the other two were independent crowns. One of those independents broke in a clean... READ MORE

Can my broken crown be fixed, or would it need to be replaced? How much would it cost?

I have a crown on my front tooth which cracked/broke today, will it need to be rplaced or can the existing crown be fixed, will it be expensive? READ MORE

What are my options for pain in a crowned tooth that doesn't have a root canal?

The molar had a fracture so the dentist said I needed a crown. I did not get a root canal. Since having the crown placed, I have discomfort when I... READ MORE

My temporary crown broke and it's the weekend. Should I treat it as an emergency?

It's Friday and the Dentist office is closed. Is this an emergency or can it wait until Monday? I'm not in pain. READ MORE

Why is my tooth sensitive and throbing after getting a crown, when there was no pain before or after the root canal?

Part of a tooth broke off while flossing but there was no pain. went to the dentist and needed a root canal (the nerves were completely dead) and temp... READ MORE

What would be the best option for my broken tooth - Ceramic again, root canal with post and crown, or implant and crown? (photo)

Originally the tooth was broken right up to the gum line on the outside with a remaining intact piece on the inside and the ceramic (CEREC) was added... READ MORE

I'm 17 - can I get a crown for my broken front tooth?

I broke my front tooth in 5th grade. When I got it fixed, the dentist made it shorter than it was before, saying that my gums were higher on that... READ MORE

How can my husband fix his tooth? (photo)

As a child my husband had his front tooth break on concrete. He said the Dentist ground down what was left and put a cap on it that looks like his... READ MORE

Is This Tooth Hopeless or Can It Be Saved with a Build Up and Crown? (photo)

I had a venner that broke and then I was told I needed a crown but at the time the dentist didn't want to help me since I was crying. So he said to... READ MORE

Odd Pressure Sensation with new Crown. Any suggestions?

I broke my front top tooth awhile back and I had an all ceramic crown put on it recently. But whenever I touch the back of that tooth with my bottom... READ MORE

why are my crowns breaking so soon?

I have had 2 crown break in the last 3in a half months. the first one happened 3 in a half months ago and wasn't even 2 years old and the other broke... READ MORE

Best Solution for Front Tooth Root Canals and Veneer/crown Work While Abroad?

3 yrs ago I broke my 2 front teeth 70% off. I had one root canal on 1 front tooth, and then both of my front teeth were temp. bonded. My dentist said... READ MORE

Veneers or crowns for broken front teeth? I'm 30 yrs old & my 2 yr old son accidentally hit me in the teeth w/ his head (photo)

My dentist bonded my broken tooth pieces back on after the damage in late Nov. The 2nd pic show the current condition. I had x-rays yesterday to look... READ MORE

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