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Dental Bridge Replacement

How often should a dental bridge be replaced? Does it matter where the bridge is located in your mouth? READ MORE

Unhappy with Permanent Bridge? (photo)

I had a 6 unit bridge redone after 3 years for cosmetic reasons. The old bridge was bulky. After wearing temporary for 3 months due to the lab being... READ MORE

Bridge Still Feels Uncomfortable?

The permanent dental bridge came back feeling exactly the same. Still feels bulky, tight and teeth touch when I bite down. Dentist is having bridge... READ MORE

How to Correct an Overbite W/ Bridges and Crowns on Top Teeth?

I lost 3 teeth on top do to an accident and had bridges and crowns to fix my upper teeth, however, years later am having jaw pain and have a deep... READ MORE

Ill-fitting Bridge Caused My TMJ?

I have been suffering from pain in my ear, eyes etc... i went to docs who referred me to an e.n.t specialist. The said i have tmj, so i had my teth... READ MORE

Why is It So Difficult to Get my Bite Right?

On right side, I am having a 3 crown bridge and 2 side crowns replaced, yet after 6 fittings, my bite is not right. The back teeth hit in wrong place... READ MORE

I Am Planning to Have a 3 Unit Fixed Bridge Made. My Question Is, if a Bone Grafting is Necessary?

I am planning to have a fixed bridge my question is if a bone graft necessary. I was told by one dentist that it is not and another yes. READ MORE

Can a dentist create a dental bridge using the lateral incisors as the anchor teeth?

I have a 3-tooth bridge using one central incisor and one lateral incisor as anchors. I have one front upper tooth. I am having the other central... READ MORE

Does an All Porcelain Fixed Bridge Cost More Than One That Has a Metal Base?

I recently had a 3 crown bridge fixed to my molars. It was made of all porcelain, and has cracked twice. My dentist has now recommended to have... READ MORE

Had A Crown and Bridge Fitted 4 Months Ago, and Bridge is Loose, What Can I Do?

I had a crown and Bridge fitted four months ago and my brige is loose. My dentist filed down my teeth saying that it could be my bite , if not my... READ MORE

Can grinding teeth cause them to move?

I have a three unit bridge, it appears that the tooth to right of my right front tooth is tucked underneath it. When I first got my bridge it was not.... READ MORE

I Just Had a Permanenet Bridge (Lower Jaw) Put in a Few Days Ago? (photo)

I planned an implant, but dentist advised bridge as a best option. I don't like the bridge she made: color & shape don't match my natural teeth.... READ MORE

Is First Maxillary Premolar a Good Abutment for Replacing Canine and Lateral Incisor in Fixed Bridge?

Hi i need to know if a patient can have a fixed bridge replacing a lateral incisor and canine in maxilla on one side with central incisor and first... READ MORE

Dental Bridge/impacted Canine Tooth?

I've recently had a 3-unit bridge placed and am not happy with the results. I had a 2nd consult and after finding many issues with the bridge, I may... READ MORE

Dental Bridge - Lateral Slide, Too Much Pressure? (photo)

I got a PFM bridge (gold chewing surface) for teeth #2, 3, 4 (temporarily cemented). The first 2 times it came back with cusp tips way too high... READ MORE

Dental Bridge? Want to Replace Molars 31 and 30.

I have all of my above teeth and would like to know if a 4 united bridge anchored to numbers 29 and 32 a possible option. lastly have you ever heard... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have a Pin Size Hole in a Dental Bridge?

My new dental bridge has a small hole so I have to pass the floss right through it to clean the gums and teeth hidden by the bridge!! I always get... READ MORE

I Got a Temp Bridge Put in 6 Months Ago and Getting Headaches, Pain, Dizziness?

They 'lost' 'never recieved' or 'didn't order my bridge'. My SO and myself have called their office multiple times and they always say they will call... READ MORE

Why my Bridge Lasted Less Than One Year, Usually How Long a Bridge Last? I Floss my Teeth 3 Times a Day? (photo)

My dentist made a 3 unit fixed bridge for me(tooth #3, 4,5) She cut the old bridge open and found deep decay. After cleaning, more than half of the... READ MORE

Does Medicaid cover bridge work?

I am missing four teeth - incisors 23-26 which fell out or were broken. I understand that implants are not covered my Medicaid, but what about a... READ MORE

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