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Why is my New Crown Breaking the 3rd Time?

I had an old crown replaced after 7 years of being completely fine. Two weeks after the initial fitting the crown cracked and chipped. The dentist was... READ MORE

How to Manage Broken Zircon Crowns?

I had my zirconia crown fitted for the upper four incisor teeth 3 weeks ago in Turkey. One of the tooth chipped and the other one is broken within a... READ MORE

Should I Find Another Dentist if Crowns Are Shattering from this Particular Office/Lab?

My dentist told me that sometimes a crown will shatter while he is putting it on? Should I find a dentist that uses a different lab? I've had two... READ MORE

Four Molars Have Been Crowned, Bite Problems and a Fracture?

My front teeth are hitting hard and I have a hairline fracture in my right eye tooth (which also has a root canal). I went back to the endodontist as... READ MORE

Can You Go from Permanent Dentures, to the Real Looking Crowns?

Thinking i was getting implants turns out it is a Denture nothing but problem with it braking i had a set of removeable dentures clipped to my... READ MORE

How long should pain last after permanent crown is reattached following breakage?

Eight years ago, I had root canal and crowns done on both of my front teeth. A week ago, my right crown broke off, taking the "fang" of real tooth... READ MORE

My two front crowns don't match! Any suggestions? (photos)

I had my top front teeth capped 35 years ago and they have been great until 6 years ago the left one broke. The dentist I went to at the time replaced... READ MORE

I Had a Crown Put on a Back Molar in July, 2012. A Piece Broke off 8 Months Later. My Dentist Was Great, He Replaced It for Me?

I had the new crown on for 8 days and it broke again. What is going on? Is it me? The person who makes the crown? Or my dentist? READ MORE

Do permanent crowns "break in pieces when they are removed"?

I had 2 permanent front crowns removed. I have temporary crowns now and my dentist never gave me the 2 crowns that he removed. Don't those two crowns... READ MORE

Are dentist required to tell their patient when they break an instrument off in the tooth; as in a file with a root canal?

I saw my x-ray and I asked the assistant what was in my tooth. She said, "Oh, it's just part of the file that broke off. Nothing to worry about." The... READ MORE

How weak is the premolar when the buildup is left void and a crown is placed? (photo)

A root canal is done on a premolar for having a large cavity closed to the nerve. Then the tooth is 'prepared' but the buildup is left empty and... READ MORE

Dental bridges and crowns put in and my temporaries keep breaking.

I am in the process of having dental bridges and crowns put in and my temporaries keep breaking. Is this normal. I have to wait on permanent to let... READ MORE

A crowned tooth with a root canal broke totally off at hemline. Does a crown make it stronger?

I had a tooth which has a root canal and a crown break totally off, the entire tooth. The roots were still in the gums. I thought a crown made the... READ MORE

Is it possible for a hygienist to break the back tip of a crown during a routing cleaning?

Routine cleaning resulted w/ a migraine & pain(constant itching) prohibiting me to sleep. I've had 2 periodontal surgeries greater than 4 hours and... READ MORE

What could be the source of my "bite sensitivity" after permanent crown was place? (Root canal already performed)

My lower molar had a corner break off. My dentist tried to fix it with a resin. But I still had a horrible sensation every time I chewed on that side.... READ MORE

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