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My Dentist Placed a Zirconia Crown over my Zirconium Abutment. Can I Ask for Emax Crown Instead?

My dentist recommended zirconia crown for my implant #5 (w/ zirconium abutment for tooth #5) b/c the margin is so small. I requested Emax crown for... READ MORE

Is First Maxillary Premolar a Good Abutment for Replacing Canine and Lateral Incisor in Fixed Bridge?

Hi i need to know if a patient can have a fixed bridge replacing a lateral incisor and canine in maxilla on one side with central incisor and first... READ MORE

Dental Bridge/impacted Canine Tooth?

I've recently had a 3-unit bridge placed and am not happy with the results. I had a 2nd consult and after finding many issues with the bridge, I may... READ MORE

Front tooth implant, zirconia abutment with e-max crown vs metal abutment with empress crown?

I had tooth 7 implant done and I have to decide which Crown is better for my front tooth. My old dentist suggested zirconia abutment with e-max crown.... READ MORE

Dentist used a gray cement to place my R front tooth onto the Zircon abutment and now my tooth is gray?

Dentist tells me that this is the only color of "temp. perm. cement". I traveled 350 miles to the dental lab to have my new implant tooth matched to... READ MORE

Zirconia bridge does not fit margins and looks unsightly. Is there any recourse after it is permanently cemented?

A zirconia bridge on zirconia abutments + implants was cemented permanently before I was given a chance to evaluate it. The margins are too high all... READ MORE

If the abutment on an implant crown has come loose, do I have to pay for the crown to be removed and replaced?

My Dentist, who placed the implant crown and abutment about 4 years ago is telling me the abutment is loose and he will have to take the crown off,... READ MORE

I have a empress bridge in my upper front mouth the abutment is in on both sides but the middle tooth got knocked out.

I have a empress bridge in my upper front mouth the abutment is in on both sides but the middle tooth got knocked out. I have the tooth missing from... READ MORE

Got a crown over zirconium abutment two days ago and it came off

Got a crown tooth 7 over zirconium abutment two days ago with temporary cement. The crown came off today by just flossing . The dentist decided for... READ MORE

Is it possible to use a broken tooth as abument for a bridge?

I lost both of my lower first molars a few years back. Now, I am considering having a bridge to fill the gaps. However, both of my second pre molars... READ MORE

Two Implant done on tooth #s 23 and 26 now getting four crowns.

I got implants on tooth #'s 23 and 26. I am in the process of getting two abutment and four crowns. My dentist says that I need a small flap of... READ MORE

Lasting (weeks) pain after seating of crown on implant abutment? (photo)

Since the crown has been seated on the implant (with maxillary sinus lift, bone crafting) abutment I’m in constant pain (increased pain when force i... READ MORE

I have double crowns attached to 1 abutment and want a whiter smile (Photo)

I have double crowns attached to 1 abutment on each side of my two front teeth. I was missing 6 adult teeth as a child. I would like to change the... READ MORE

Color match?

Went to the lab to check for color for crown for my tooth number 7 which I just had an implant placed. I have two front tooth (next to 7) with all... READ MORE

Why am I experiencing pain with a dental implant that was finished 6 months ago?

I received my crown 6 months ago for my implant. Within 3 months of having the crown on, I began to feel discomfort. I went back, the dentist just... READ MORE

Is it normal that a molar crown leaves a gap?

I recently had an implant, abutment, and crown fitted where I used to have tooth #19. There is no pain. However, food gets trapped in between 19 and... READ MORE

What happens to the implant if I don't get a crown on the abutment?

Implant and abytment are placed in but havent done crown. READ MORE

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