5 Years Post-op + Dental Crown

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How Do You Know if a Crown Has to Be Redone...or Can Be Fixed?

I had a crown put in 5 years ago after a root canal. The tooth/crown has always had a bit of space below it. Now, it often has stuff in the crack..... READ MORE

I Have 4 Top-front Jacket Teeth and I Have These for 5yrs Now. I Am Wanting to Get my Real Teeth Whitened Or? (photo)

I have 4 top-front jacket teeth (they are not porcelain and definitely not veneers) and I have these for 5yrs now. I am wanting to get my real teeth... READ MORE

Charge to Re-set a Crown?

My crown came uncemented after about 5 years of wear. The dentist who made the crown charged me to re-cement it. Is that standard practice? READ MORE

Crown hurts only with chewing on hard food. Will the pain go away after a while?

5 years ago I had a root canal and crown that recently broke. A new crown was placed and it hurt to chew, floss would go under it & break off, it was... READ MORE

Do I need Root Canal done again? (photo)

I got my root canal done about 5 years ago, and no the tooth broke from one side because of the weak perimeter. I went to my dentist and got xray... READ MORE

It's been a year since I have had a crown. I have pain; could this be a cavity?

I had a root canal about 5 years ago when I was 17 and couldn't afford a crown. Last year I got a crown put on. It's been a year since I have had the... READ MORE

Can my root canal from 5 years ago start hurting and being sensitive to sweet things?

Can my Root canal from 5 years ago start hurting and being sensitive to sweet things. And the pain throbs for at least 30 minutes. I just had a cavity... READ MORE

Why are my gums always bleeding and tender, especially in my two front permanent porcelain crown? (Photo)

I toothbrush 3 times a day with gargle. It's been 5 years now since i have my permanent porcelain crown teeth and never got the chance to replace it... READ MORE

My crown loosen this weekend, doctor has stuck it with temporary cement, what are the lasting chances?

I got crown 5 yrs. back, suddenly the support teeth's broke and crown came out, for emergency, doctor has stuck the same crown with temporary cement,... READ MORE

How long should a CEREC Crown last? I got one on my tooth and I either swallowed it or lost it. Should I go back to the dentist?

I think I got this Cerec Crown about 5 years ago and now all I have is a big hole :-( I have a traditional crown right next to it the #2 tooth it has... READ MORE

Crowned tooth has been hurting with that "zing" feeling when air hits.

I had a a few crowns placed probably 4-5 years ago. I did not have a root canal as my dentist did not see it was necessary at the time. I needed these... READ MORE

Can I take off my crown and replace filling, bonding? I can not stand bad odor around the crowns anymore!

5 years ago I went to a dentist to have crown for my 4 in front teeth. Somehow, after dentist Ive had 20 crown in my mouth.He fooled me, and I... READ MORE

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