5 Months Post-op + Dental Crown

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Tooth Sensitivity for over 5 Months on New Crown

I had a crown put on a tooth in July. The dentist said bite was fine but adjusted it just in case. two months later I developed tooth sensitity on the... READ MORE

Crown irritating gums. Cement was found but problem persists, months later.

Had a crown placed 5 Months ago. The pressure was severe when placed. It hurt the tooth next to it, and there was a lot of pressure up through my... READ MORE

My speech is still impaired 5 months after 4 crowns and 2 veneers. Should they be redone? Is the dentist liable? (Photo)

The dentist pushed me into seating these teeth. I did not like them, but couldn't give her specific instructions how to change them. Now I feel like... READ MORE

Pain (sensitivity to temperature changes) between two teeth (both are root canal teeth) after preparation for crown?

I had a root canal performed on two teeth since some years, without any problem. My dentist have prepared the teeth for crown months ago, since then I... READ MORE

I had an old filling removed/crowned w/no root canal 5 months ago. Temp sealant was used and tooth is now starting to hurt.

My dentist didn't think a root canal necessary from xray, but after prepping the tooth he said it might. Temp sealant was used in case. It's been five... READ MORE

Dull throbbing ache in root canal treated tooth with crown. 5 months post-op.

Around February of this year, I had a root canal done on a cracked premolar and had a crown placed on it afterward. Every once in a while, I get a... READ MORE

Why do I have pain around a tooth that was root canaled and crowned 5 moths ago?

Root canal/crown on 2nd to the last tooth upper left. After this procedure often get food caught between the crowned tooth and the last tooth causing... READ MORE

Pain after new crown on tooth (photos)

Five months ago I had a root canal on #19 which had a crown. I then had a new crown put on. After I had pain in the gums and then the tooth. I had the... READ MORE

Emax porcelain crowns. They seem to have lost color. Is that normal?

I had four emax crowns fitted 5 months ago. Which i was happy with at first. But recently they seem to have lost colour READ MORE

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