3 Months Post-op + Dental Crown

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New Crown is 3 Months Old and I Can Still Feel Tooth when I Chew.

I had two crowns (molars) next to each other and one fits just fine, the other I can feel when I chew. Dr has ground it down 5 times and I still feel... READ MORE

My CEREC Crown Still Hurts when I Bite?

I had my CEREC partial/inlay crown done 3 months ago on lower left molar. But ever since I still can not bite since it is painful and sensitive. I... READ MORE

Dental crown did not work. Am I due a refund?

Approximately 3 months ago, a crown was placed on a broken tooth in my mouth. The crown was made from porcelien in my dentist's office. The crown came... READ MORE

Why does my tooth still hurts after 3 months of a root canal and crown?

I had a root canal & crown in May. My tooth continued to hurt, radiating to the jaw, as well as the gum tissue at the new crown site. Saw my dentist &... READ MORE

Crowned tooth sharp pain while biting down.

Cracked tooth was crowned 3 months.One of my bottom lower molar was cracked.The dentist took care of the crack and fixed the tooth with a crown... READ MORE

Is it normal to have pain in a tooth with a crown months after?

I had a crown put in about three months ago, and a root canal before that on the same tooth. The process itself took almost a year. Now three months... READ MORE

Should I still have pain 3 months after a dental crown?

Hi, I had a Crown on a tooth in march and it is still sensitive to hot and. Cold, he said i did not need a root canal, They did a treatment on the... READ MORE

2gold crowns removed temp crowns put. What should I do?

On still in pain 3months later.already had2root canals done.still pain and sensitivity. READ MORE

My gum is a little white/pale, 3 months after crown attached to my dental implant. Any suggestions?

I had a crown screwed onto the implant 3 months ago, The Dentist had to tighten it and the gum was very white. She said it would get better, and it... READ MORE

Crown causing adjacent tooth to loosen

Had a crown done 3 months ago on lower right 1st molar. Tooth was 3/4 filling and dentist said he removed all filling and shaved gum about 1mm to... READ MORE

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