2 Weeks Post-op + Dental Crown

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Having Crown Problems, What Should I Do?

Got a buildup+crown a few weeks ago. She ground down too much of the upper tooth to make the crown fit and it was very sensitive for a while. There... READ MORE

Can the sides of a crown be filed down after it's been permanently seated? (photos)

I got a new zirconia crown on my front tooth two weeks ago. It seems wider than the other front tooth and my teeth are (when I floss) closer together.... READ MORE

Why is there discoloration under temporary crowns? (photo)

I am having crowns placed and 2 weeks ago they placed the temporary ones. After 2 days they started turning black. They replaced the temporary crowns... READ MORE

What is causing intense pain weeks after a crown? (Photo)

I had a root canal done over 2 months ago and then 2 weeks ago had my permanent crown put on. It was fine for the first week and a half but now I have... READ MORE

Temp crown causing severe pain, swelling, and bleeding; Is it a possible reaction or infection? (photo)

Got a temp crown on two teeth last week, and later in the day my dentist went on vacation until next week. I have been dealing with pain that worsens... READ MORE

What could be causing the discomfort after a crown? (photo)

Crown has been in place two weeks and I have had pain since it was put on. When placed, there was extreme pressure to an adjacent tooth and gum. I can... READ MORE

I had a crown put on almost two weeks ago and it has been painful and sensitive to cold. Is the pain normal?

I had a crown put almost two weeks ago and it has been painful and sensitive to cold. Is the pain normal? My dentist said it will take a few weeks but... READ MORE

Will I Need Root Canal?

I am having my whole mouth done. I had ground teeth down to almost nothing. I have had all teeth done on the bottom already no pain no problem, but... READ MORE

Will my gum settle down around my new eMax crowns? (Photos)

2 weeks ago I replaced my six porcelain crowns with emax crowns and now I have gaps between the gum pockets and crowns and when I talk I can feel the... READ MORE

What should I do about 2 week old crown that is sensitive? Is dentist liable for implant that chipped next to new crown?

Dentist recommended crown on tooth with old porcelain filling. The tooth had no pain/sensitivity issues prior to crown. Tonite the back corner of my... READ MORE

Is this normal 17 day post root canal?

17 day post Root canal 2nd molar behind I tooth on bottom. Its been 17 day and I feel constant pressure. Pain level around 4 steady and throbbing pain... READ MORE

Is this normal after a temporary crown?

Two weeks ago I got a temporary crown and can't get my permanent for a few more weeks. They used a lot of numbing injections an my face was numb for... READ MORE

What should I do to stop the stuff from coming out and what is it?

I had a cap put on my tooth 2 weeks ago, now white stuff with brown spots is coming out around gum line. The tooth is painful when my teeth touch and... READ MORE

Root canal still hurts 2 weeks PO, does this make sense?

It been two weeks and root canal still hurts. Dentist thought it was cracked all the way because it wouldn't stop bleeding during the root canal, and... READ MORE

Is it normal to be in pain this long after having crown prep & placement?

My dentist first did a root canal then did temporary crown two weeks after root canal. I have permanent crown now but I am in much pain and and it... READ MORE

If my symptoms are getting slightly better should I still get a root canal?

Two weeks into a temporary crown I suddenly developed severe sensitivity to hot/cold foods. After permanent crown was placed the sensitivity continued... READ MORE

Swelling Reoccurred After Wisdom Teeth Removed, What Should I Do?

Hello, my son woke up today, 2.5 weeks since wisdom teeth removed, with swelling on his right side and some discomfort. He has been swelling free and... READ MORE

I had a crown on tooth #5 12 days ago. It is still as well as a bad bite and too small. What can I do?

The back cusp of #5 broke off and was causing some pain. I went in 12 days ago to have a permanant croen after wearing a temp crown fro 2 weeks. The... READ MORE

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