2 Months Post-op + Dental Crown

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What is Causing the Unbelievable Throbbing INTERMITTEN Pain in my Teeth?

I had a tooth crowned in Nov 2012. After the permanent crown was placed, i had sensitivity and a little pain in my cheek directly over the gum of the... READ MORE

Two Months After Crown Lengthening--uneven Gum Line? (photo)

Hi, My 2 front teeth are dead, and I've had veneers for 12 years. One of them came off and could not be put back on. My new dentist thought that we... READ MORE

New crown causes pain around gum line and the tooth is sensitive to hot drink and hot food

Two-month old crown (#13)causes pain around gumline and is sensitive to hot/cold food&drink. It does not hurt when biting or chewing. This is a 2nd... READ MORE

Can Crowns Be Too Low?

Had 2 crowns on lower right about 7 weeks ago. Pain at first now has subsided except for pressure when chewing harder foods. Have had 2 bite... READ MORE

Is it normal/possible for a tooth that had a crown then a root canal to still experience pain or discomfort?

I had a crown & then a root canal a couple months ago. The past week or so, I've noticed that same tooth becoming more sensitive, especially to... READ MORE

I have extreme sensitivity to cold two months after a replacement crown was placed.

Initially when the temp crown was put on I ended up having an abcess on the same side, & an explosion of canker sores. They placed me on strong... READ MORE

Any explanation why I still experience pain when I touch/tap on my CEREC dental crown that was placed over 2 months ago?

I had a crown and root canal done on tooth #28 on April 2015. After a week I went back because of pain when I chew and touch/tap on the crown. Bite... READ MORE

Bad toothache after gold crown - 46 y/o male. (photo)

Pull tooth? It has been 2 months since gold crown and I can't take it anymore. Tooth 18 had many cavities and over time they grew worse. (Tooth 18 is... READ MORE

I had a crown loaded onto an implant two months ago and noticed that the crown has changed position. What could cause this?

#9 was extracted and I received a bone graft, implant, and crown (14 months). I visited my prosth when I saw that the crown was sticking forward a... READ MORE

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