1 Year Post-op + Dental Crown

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Are Lava Crowns Worth the Cost?

I had 3 lava crowns put in 1 year ago. One chipped after a few weeks now another has broken. I was told they were durable & guaranteed. Since I'm... READ MORE

Can a Crown Become Loose? If So, Would It Need to Be Removed and Re-cemented? Would I Need a Root Canal?

My crown is about a year old. It started becoming sensitive to cold and hot recently. It's more sensitive to cold. In fact, putting a hot towel on my... READ MORE

What is the Warranty on a Molar Dental Crown Which Cracked and is Less Than 1 Year Old?

My #31 crown cracked on the outside as I was eating a creamy peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It still has temporary cement on it. I have no idea if... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Develop Teeth Grinding After New Crowns?

About a year ago I had my front 6 teeth crowned. In this year I've had two break in the middle of the night through contact with my bottom teeth, the... READ MORE

Is it normal for my gum to be bleeding a year after a porcelain crown? My crown is discolored, can anything be done? (Photo)

My tooth chipped 3 years ago and ended up getting a porclein crown. I kept having to go back over 5 times because ever time the permanent crown was... READ MORE

I Think my Crown is Wearing Down the Tooth Below It. What Should I Do?

1 Yr. ago I had a same day crown done with the cerec machine. I have felt the tooth is high & had it readjusted several times. Every time I have... READ MORE

Should I Remove a Crown if It Doesn't Cause Any Discomfort?

I recently changed my dentist as I wasn't really happy with my NHS dentist. This private dentist has now advised me to have a crown removed, I had... READ MORE

Should I redo this crown? (Photo)

I have a single tooth zirconia crown put on less than a year ago. I am very unhappy with the way it looks. I think that the color does not match and... READ MORE

How can a tooth with a root canal be painful-one year later?

It has been nearly a year since I had an emergency root canal from an infection after a crown was put on a back molar.Due to its location, the... READ MORE

Any suggestions for crown & post broke?

I got a Post/crown a year ago from my dentist. Now the crown crack in back of tooth, then the crown fell out with half the post. Is this the dentists... READ MORE

Is it appropriate to seat permanent crowns with temporary adhesive?

I had several old front crowns replaced. My dentist seated the new crowns with temporary adhesive for a week to ensure I was comfortable with the fit.... READ MORE

Cemented crowns surface treatment?

I had 20 teeth crowns placed about a year ago, at the time I really liked the results and the color however, now my skin got a little darker/yellowish... READ MORE

Why do I experience sensitivity when I bite down on my crown? It causes slight pain. I'm 1 year post op.

My last dental visit (5 mth ago) all was good, the dentist said I appear to be grinding my teeth and suggested looking into getting a devise made to... READ MORE

I had a crown put in October 2015. Still cannot eat on the tooth.

It took about a half hour to get the temporary crown out and it was extremely painful. Later when I bit on the tooth a sharp pain shoot up from under... READ MORE

My crown is over a year old now. Any suggestions?

Over the past week, it's become horribly sensitive to hot, cold, and just air in general hitting it. Even brushing my teeth is painful. Around the... READ MORE

What can cause painful, sensitive crowns after a year?

Crowns placed a little over a year ago. All of a sudden both (one molar on either side) is all of a sudden painful, aching, sensitive to cold, and... READ MORE

Pain and sensitivity a year after a root canal and crown?

Had a root canal on a back molar and had it crowned a year ago. recently it has became somewhat sore when I eat and I've noticed some sensitivity to... READ MORE

Crown replaced # 14 after 1 year. I have discomfort & strange sensations around tooth. Could it be cracked?

Crown w/root canal (porcelain/metal)(no nickel)1/10/14. From the beginning it felt big/strange & shortly after my gums became inflamed. Dr checked it... READ MORE

I've noticed that my two front teeth (has crown) are actually moving apart, is this suppose to happen?

Its been a year I've done crown for my 6 top teeth, Before I did it I had diastema. But I've recently noticed that the two front teeth are growing a... READ MORE

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