1 Month Post-op + Dental Crown

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Is It Normal for a Month Old Permanent Crown to Still Be Sensitive to Cold?

I had a permanent crown put in on a rear molar about a month ago (it was done in one appointment with CEREC). I've had very little pain, but after a... READ MORE

How do I get rid of extreme tooth sensitivity? I had no problems with it before I visited the dentist for a Dental Crown.

I had an emergency root canal and crown done on my front tooth over a month ago. Just the other day as I was driving, I felt a sharp pain on the right... READ MORE

Dentist Said Crowns Just FEEL Loose, But Really Aren't?

Thanks to all. Adding to question. 6 new front crowns permanently cemented in 4 wks ago. 1st week, feel loose, all moving to left and dropping, new... READ MORE

Is it normal to still have nerve pain from crowned tooth, over a month later?

I had a crown procedure, no root canal, done on November 15th. I am still having nerve pain in the tooth even chewing on soft things like gum. It... READ MORE

Intermittent pain on tooth with month-old crown. Will this pain go away without returning to a dentist I don't like?

A month ago I had a crown placed on my molar on the left side (second to last). Once or twice a day it will start to throb. I can eat on the crown and... READ MORE

Isn't a dental crown supposed to cover the entire prepared tooth below?

Had a root canal and crown done on upper last molar right side about a month ago.At the time of putting on crown I could tell my dentist was... READ MORE

Back of the gums is bleeding after 4 weeks of placement of crowns on front teeth. Is this normal?

Back of gums bleeding after 4 weeks of placement of crowns on front teeth ; I always had healthy gums and not sure what to do, my dentist is in europe... READ MORE

Sensitivity to hot fluids and slight pain on chewing after one month of RCT. Advice? (photo)

I had undergone a root canal treatment 1 month ago. There was absolutely no pain, however two days ago i started to feel sensitivity to hot liquids... READ MORE

I Had a Crown About 4 Weeks Ago on a Bad Upper Tooth (Next to a Wisdom Tooth)?

Initial mild sensitivity to cold/ hot went away after a few days.Yesterday, I began having extreme sensitivity to cold, even slightly cold from a... READ MORE

I had two teeth crowned about a month or so ago They just started hurting! I can't chew on the crowns at all? (photo)

My mouth hurts in other places. Sometimes the top, sometime bottom teeth hurt and I don't know if this is all because of the crowns READ MORE

Sulphur odor every time I WaterPik between 2 new dental implants with crowns?

I recently (<1 mo) had 2 cosmetic crowns placed over dental implants on 2 adjacent teeth (#29). (implants placed months before) Now that crowns are... READ MORE

Should I wait some more time for complete healing? root canal done, some pain is still there after 1 month (photo)

Hello, On 29/12 I did my Root canal therapy, and next week I putted a dental crown, there was discomfort at first and pain when chewing, the pain has... READ MORE

5 weeks of aching pain upper and lower left side after a crown placement, 2 bite adjustments/endo trip. Any suggestions?

I broke a tooth, last upper left molar. No pain, but decided to get a crown. Dealing with 5 weeks of aching pain on the entire upper/lower left side.... READ MORE

Pain when biting after root canal and crown?

Hello im getting mad there is pain when,biting down on the tooth its been a month since its been done. I fine my self obbsesily biting hard on it... READ MORE

Tooth pain due to heat on crown. Is this normal?

In Feb 2016 my crowns were placed on root canals that had been completed a couple years prior. I am now having bad pain from heat on my tooth, cold... READ MORE

Can I sue?

I went to my Dentist for a crown after having a root canal done. 2 weeks later She decided not to give me a temporary tooth, so when the crown came... READ MORE

My front teeth super sensitive now 5 weeks after crown placement, shall I get root canals?

I had nightmare dental experience 5 weeks ago when I went to get veneers and ended up with 6 crowns. I am still terrified from this and can't believe... READ MORE

Pain after a filling and a crown. Any suggestions?

I had a filling on my left lower tooth and a crown on the lower right tooth 5 weeks ago, When i eat, my gums become very sore and throb. It feels like... READ MORE

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