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Old Bonding Has Discolored. Can This Be Retouched Up Without Drilling?

I have anxiety and cannot be numbed up. For the most part my bonding is still very much in tact. I would just like it touched up if possible to whiten... READ MORE

Dental Bonding on Front Tooth & Whitening? (photo)

My front tooth grew in with a major chip in it. The entire front surface of my tooth was filled with bonding as a result this was about 11 years ago.... READ MORE

Can you whiten bonded teeth to the original color of the resin used?

My son had part of his front two teeth knocked out a few years ago and repaired by bonding. Last week at work a box fell off the truck at work and hit... READ MORE

Recommendations: Bonding or Veneers (photo)

I've been looking at options for fixing some minor issues that I'm having with my teeth. I am tossing up between bonding & veneers I know... READ MORE

Why has my brand new tooth bonding discolored so fast?

An old composite repair of a broken front tooth broke off in July 2014 and I had it replaced by a US military dentist who did an incredible job. It... READ MORE

Can dental bonding add thickness to teeth thinned really bad by acid? Also can they whiten yellow teeth that can't be whitened?

Another question is can i get bonding before braces? Hi. Im an 18 yr old guy and I always loved soda. I never really took care of my teeth until... READ MORE

Can I use whitening mouthwash if I have bonded retainers?

I have the permanent retainer that is glued to my bottom teeth. It is the Listerine Healthy White Mouthwash, it says it has active dental peroxide. READ MORE

Teeth bonding. I want them replaced. Should I get my teeth professionally whitened first?

One of my front teeth and part of one of my eye teeth are bonded, they have been for years and are now very discoloured, I want them replaced shall I... READ MORE

Composite bonding removal?

When I was younger (maybe 14? I'm 19 now) my mom had my dentist put what I believe is composite bonding on my two front teeth to make them look whiter... READ MORE

Can composite bonding help me get desired shade and shape? (Photo)

I am considering getting composite bonding to close the space between my central and lateral incisors. Can the resin be applied to the surface of the... READ MORE

What Kind of Dental Work Would You Recommend for my Teeth? (photo)

I was thinking of getting braces but I'm not sure if that would do the job good enough. I was also contemplating veneers or bonding of some sort. I... READ MORE

Is there a limit to how white dental bonding can be? (photo)

This is the second time in a couple of months I've gotten bonding and my dentist told me he gave me the lightest color possible for bonding? How can... READ MORE

Filing my upper central incisors or bonding my upper lateral incisors? (Photo)

Considering the fact that I also want to get laser teeth whitening treatment every year or two years, which one of the two options is the best? Will... READ MORE

Can bonded teeth be whitened in a whitening clinic?

One of my front teeth is mainly just bonding due to a childhood accident. I try very hard to keep it bright and stop it from discolouring and only got... READ MORE

Is composite bonding safe when applied along gum line? Am I a suitable candidate? Will home whitening kits damage gums? (Photo)

I have neglected my gums and was using a terrible toothpick tool. They have receded and now I have many small gaps between my teeth. I would like to... READ MORE

Teeth bonding and teeth whitening? (Photo)

I'm looking for a doctor near me that can make my teeth look perfect again ;( I heard with teeth bonding the dentist / doctors use a laser which is... READ MORE

Could I have my teeth bonded again once they are whiter? (Photo)

I have bonding on my laterals. I just finished lengthy ortho treatment. I would like for my smile to be whiter. I went to the dentist who told me that... READ MORE

Bonding not cover by teeth imperfection. Any suggestions?

My teeth got bonded last week My dentist told me that my teeth can be whiter and cover up tooth imperfection by choosing a whiter color of composite... READ MORE

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