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Can I have my teeth rebonded? (photos)

My 6 front teeth were bonded 24 years ago. The two on either side if my 2 front teeth are stained and one has a cavity. I am not happy with the color... READ MORE

Can the Backs of Teeth Be Bonded to Add Thickness and Contour?

My dentist replaced 25 yr old veneers on my 6 front teeth but when I went in the an adjustment, she shaved off too much behind them, removing the... READ MORE

Unsatisfied with Resin Veneers? (photo)

Hello, I just had dental bonding done and am not satisfied with the results. I feel they look too big and don't match my bottom teeth well. I was... READ MORE

Would Composite Bonding Be an Option for Multiple Teeth Gaps? I Have 5 Upper Teeth Gaps. (Photos)

My teeth are small for my jaw, so I have very spaced teeth. I want porcelain veneers later but in the mean time I want to use bonding, I know it isn't... READ MORE

my bonding now looks cracked after 7 years. What are my options?

I did bonding on my one front tooth 7 years it has discolored and i can clearly see a line or the point in daylight where the bonding... READ MORE

Is There an Alternative to These 2 Front Big Veneer? (4 Veneers Here but the First 2 Are Big) (photo)

I am really interested in closing my (2.5-3 mm) gap betw front 2 incisors. This is what my dentist provided me so far (Front 4 veneers). I'm concerned... READ MORE

Wondering if I could partially close a 2 to 2.5 mm gap in front teeth with direct bonding until I can afford veneers? (photos)

I am not a good candidate for braces, I have been told this by several orthodontists. I would really like to a least partially close the space in my... READ MORE

Orthodonthic treatment and bonding versus veneers? (photos)

I am having a great dilemma on what I should do with me teeth. If do an orthodontic treatment to close so spaces and turn one of my front teeth (my... READ MORE

Would bonding or veneers be a better option to reduce the gap in my front teeth? (Photo)

I would like to close the gap in my front teeth but not fully. I just want it to look a bit smaller would bonding be a good choice? READ MORE

How much of a tooth's surface is compromised when a veneer is chosen because of botched bonding?

I've just had 9 teeth bonded and am not too pleased. I need a lot more work so this prosthodontist is going to miss out on future work. He made 4... READ MORE

Can't quite afford veneers at this time. Will bonding and a mouth guard be a good fix? (photos)

I've written in before questioning veneers since I had a front tooth chip after using my teeth to open a wrapper. My dentist fixed it with bonding and... READ MORE

Bonding, veneer or crown for dental restoration? (photos)

I'm 56 years old. I am having orthodontic work (Incognito) to fix the problem with my left upper canine and a bite issue. The left upper lateral... READ MORE

Dental contouring, veneers, or bonding?

My orthodontist wants to contour my teeth after I get my braces removed. My front four teeth are round (literally circle so i look buck toothed) and... READ MORE

Can the dentist replace the old bonding with a new one ? (Photo)

I had a cracked teeth when I was 15 years old and my dentist made a bonding for it... As you see in the picture I need to fix it and I don't know what... READ MORE

What procedure would work best to close my gap Veneers or Bonding? (photos)

Need to close this gap asap..tried 6 month braces didnt have a gap for 6 months and now i do..Help! READ MORE

Should I get veneers or bonding? (photos)

I desperatly want my teeth to look normal. my teeth are too small and spaced. braces didnt fix them. veneers or bonding? I can afford veneers in a... READ MORE

I had braces once before. I do NOT want to go through that process again. Can I bond my gap? Or veneers? (photo)

Had braces for 2 years in high school. My parents didn't have enough for retainers. Gap has been opening up since 2006. It stresses me out and I feel... READ MORE

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