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Little Gaps Between Teeth? (photo)

I have tiny gaps in between my top teeth. I don't think they're that big of a deal, except they bother me... What would be best to fix this? Bonding?... READ MORE

Bonding discolored after 7 days. Why did it happen so quickly, and what can I do to make them white again?

I had my top front 6 teeth bonded to fill in some gaps and change the color. When I went back 7 days later to have the bottom 6 done my dentist used... READ MORE

My Orthodontist Wants Me to Put Bonding on my Second Upper Tooth?

Hello, I am now having braces and my orthodontist wants me to put bonding on my second upper tooth. She said that otherwise I am going to have an... READ MORE

My two front top teeth have a large white spot on each tooth. What would be an estimate to get them removed with bonding?(Photo)

My smile is straight and I like the size of my teeth, just want to get rid of the spots on a budget, I have had them growing up and they don't seem to... READ MORE

How can I fill multiple gaps? (Photo)

I have gaps on all sides of my four most frontal top teeth. My lateral incisors just look too small for my mouth in general. I've been so embarrassed... READ MORE

Closing gum gap and straightening front top two teeth? (Photo)

Hi there, I recently had trauma to my teeth and this has resulted in some gum loss. I don’t like the gap in gum between my teeth and I don’t like how... READ MORE

Does my cosmetic bonding look alright? (photos)

I had bonding done on my top 8 teeth and something seems off - I can't tell if I am being hypercritical or if there is something noticeable off that... READ MORE

Is dental bonding right for me? (photos)

Hey guys, im generally happy with my top teeth apart from a few areas. I plan to get braces on my bottom teeth in the future so i am not concerned... READ MORE

Bonding and Invisalign. Which should I do first? (Phtoo)

I'm confused of what to do first . To have bonding done on front top 2 teeth because for wear ,very thin, and porcelain enamel or to have Invisalign... READ MORE

I had bonding on a top canine tooth a few years ago, to avoid root canal. Can it be rebonded?

I had a bonding on a top canine tooth a few years ago, to avoid root canal..never bothered me until recently its hurting can it be rebonded READ MORE

Bonded retainer on my top 4 teeth but a very little space occurs in the top front two teeth and the right tooth beside it?

I wear my physical retainer in every night on top of the bonded retainer and take it off in the morning. Space develops over the course of the day! READ MORE

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