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Permanent and Quick Option for Teeth Gap?

I have a gap between my two front teeth, probably 3 mm wide. I want a permament and quick option. Can you tell me if "tooth bonding" is... READ MORE

How Much Does Teeth Bonding Costs?

What can I expect to pay for bonding to repair the damage I've done grinding my top teeth? READ MORE

Do gums grow back?

Couple of weeks ago i removed my braces, my teeth looked great till i had them cleaned, i now have gaps, big and small. i am aware that it could be... READ MORE

Is "Bonding" a viable solution to Fix Receding Gum/Teeth?

I have "deep pockets" between my gums & many teeth. My dentist recommended that she could put "bonding" between my gums & many teeth so fill the gap.... READ MORE

Is it toxic if I can taste the mighty bond after I put some glue because my porcelein teeth was broke in the middle?

Is it toxic if i can taste the mighty bond after i put some glue because my porcelein teeth was broke in the middle? READ MORE

Gaps between teeth. What are my options?

The guy I saw got a second and third opinion, but they don't think braces would work. When you add up the space between my teeth, it's the size of a... READ MORE

Is It Possible for Bonding to Do This to my Teeth? (photos)

Is this possible with bonding and how much would it probably cost? READ MORE

Can my teeth be fixed through using the bonding procedure? (photo)

I would like to know if it can be fixed through bonding?how long will it take and is it painfull?thank-you READ MORE

Can full set of teeth be bonded, (not crowned. not veneered. bonded) or is that too complicated?

I want to lengthen and or whiten all of my teeth. i dont have enough for veneers or crowns at this point. can i get all of my teeth bonded? I see it... READ MORE

Should I get bonding or contouring for my teeth? (photos)

I had braces as a kid but the shape of my teeth have always been not even. I'm wondering if bonding or contouring would be more appropriate in my... READ MORE

Can I get my tooth bonded? (photos)

I thought about getting the side of my tooth bonded. does it look like it can be bonded? READ MORE

What exactly is teeth bonding?

Is teeth bonding to fix minor appearance of the teeth. I have been told by one dentist that there is no such thing. Bonding is VENEER which I don't... READ MORE

What can be done to correct long teeth? (photos)

I was just wondering what procedures, if any, can be used to correct long teeth? I am very insecure about the size of them. I have read online that... READ MORE

One of my teeth is longer than the rest. How can I get it even lengths?

It's the same tooth but in the middle of the tooth it's a bit longer and it pushes my lower tooth backwards.  READ MORE

Can dental bonding cause dry mouth and teeth?

Hello, Approximately 8 weeks ago I received dental bonding on my four front teeth as the enamel was wearing thin. The bonding was initially a little... READ MORE

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