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Replacing Dental Sealants As an Adult?

I had sealants put on my molars in 95 as a requirement before orthodontic treatment. I completed 5 years of ortho. Several dentists, that I have... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Replace Composite Resin Bonding That Has a Yellow Colour to It? (photo)

I have had composite bonding on two of my teeth just to the left of my front teeth that has been there for approximately 18 months. I've noticed that... READ MORE

Cosmetic Bonding Maintenance? Does it Damage Enamel?

I am considering getting cosmetic bonding on several teeth. I would like to know when comes time for replacement if any enamel gets ground off in the... READ MORE

Can the Backs of Teeth Be Bonded to Add Thickness and Contour?

My dentist replaced 25 yr old veneers on my 6 front teeth but when I went in the an adjustment, she shaved off too much behind them, removing the... READ MORE

When Replacing Bonding, Can a Small Layer of the Old Bonding Be Left on the Tooth to Protect the Enamel from Possible Abrasion?

When Replacing Bonding, Can a Small Layer of the Old Bonding Be Left on the Tooth to Protect the Enamel from Possible Abrasion? READ MORE

If You Bond to Much, Can They Drill a Hole Through the Tooth?

For instance, if you had bonding done on the top of your front teeth and you replace it often (because of discoloring, and roughness). They would have... READ MORE

Can the dentist replace the old bonding with a new one ? (Photo)

I had a cracked teeth when I was 15 years old and my dentist made a bonding for it... As you see in the picture I need to fix it and I don't know what... READ MORE

Bonding material on7,8,9 wont last long, What could be the cause? Brand being used? Craftsmanship? or prepration of the surface?

Number 9 was broken at the age of 10, bonding since then.I've had the bonding replaced only twice due to discoloration and I'm 37 now.only for... READ MORE

Teeth bonding. I want them replaced. Should I get my teeth professionally whitened first?

One of my front teeth and part of one of my eye teeth are bonded, they have been for years and are now very discoloured, I want them replaced shall I... READ MORE

Are teeth etched/reduced everytime of the replacement of dental bondings? (Photo)

I understand that dental bonding needs to be replaced in about every 3 to 10 years and minimal reduction is applied to the teeth. Are the teeth... READ MORE

How much does a tooth re-bonding cost?

How much does a tooth re-bonding cost? Can i just shine my existing bonding or do i need to get it repalced? Ive have my tooth bonded 15 years now on... READ MORE

Dental Bonding For Lateral Incisor. Any suggestions? (photos)

My dentist is going to replace my 15 year old discolored crown on one of my lateral incisors. He told me he's going to match it to my other incisor,... READ MORE

Grandson had his two front teeth bonded after they broke in half and both bonding came off after a month. What can we do?

We were asked if he grinds his teeth when he sleeps and we have never heard him doing it? He has a big over bite. We want to get them fixed again but... READ MORE

Is it necessary to wait before replacing a bonded tooth (reconstruction) if it has been in contact with a whitening product?

The whitening gel may have touched the bonded tooth as it spread inside the custom tray. Even though it doesn't change the colour, can the composite... READ MORE

Bond on front tooth has a crack in it. Why could it have done this and do I need to get it replaced straight away?

I had a bond replacement done on my tooth about 6 years ago (first done about 10 years ago when I broke off half my front tooth) and I noticed this... READ MORE

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