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Why Some Dentists Are Afraid of Taking my Bonding Off?

I want to take off new bonding done on my teeth so that I could close my gaps with braces. My orthodontic sent me to my dentist to take the bonding... READ MORE

Can Dental Bonding Be Removed?

I had braces when I was in college but after I took it off, my teeth became more uneven and I had teeth gaps because I did not wear my retainers on. I... READ MORE

Is the Process of Removing Bonding the Same As Removing Traditional Braces from Teeth?

Is the Process of Removing Bonding the Same As Removing Traditional Braces from Teeth? READ MORE

Can Bonding Be Removed Without Losing Enamel & is It Safe to Remove & Not Place Any Bonding over It? Will It Be Safe?

I have done a composite bonding on my front teeth but it irritates me now i want to remove those bonding as my dentist placed the bonding material... READ MORE

I Had a Small Tooth Made Bigger with Bonding, is It Possible to Have the Bonding Removed?

I had braces and once I got them off we decided to bond an adult tooth that had grown in very small, now, a few months after the bonding, I'm... READ MORE

Can this Large Amount of Composite Resin/bonding/braces Cement be Removed? (photo)

An oversized molar band was placed around my top molar and quite a bit of composite resin (cement) was used to fill it in. After having the molar band... READ MORE

Tooth bonding performed only yesterday. Can it be removed? Please help!

I had full upper and lower tooth bonding done yesterday, I hate how it feels, like its too thick and pushing my cheeks and mouth out, feels like a... READ MORE

Can Bonding Be Removed Only From the Layer of the Tooth Without Touching the Margin Part So I Can See my Enamel?

I hve done bonding on front teeth to close gaps bt prior bonding dentist removed lil tooth structure in the margin so nw i wanna remove the bonding... READ MORE

Pain and discomfort following cosmetic bonding of an intact tooth 8 months ago. Should the bonding be removed?

I've been experiencing pain/discomfort with a front (left) tooth after having cosmetic bonding over an intact tooth 8 months ago. I'm not sure if the... READ MORE

Can I remove botched dental bonding without causing any damage?

I got bonding done on my teeth for "recession". I have had pain on gum line near teeth when I touch that area. I would like to remove it now. Also... READ MORE

Composite bonding removal?

When I was younger (maybe 14? I'm 19 now) my mom had my dentist put what I believe is composite bonding on my two front teeth to make them look whiter... READ MORE

My dentist wants to remove four teeth, only one is bad (photo)

I have short roots and peridontal disease, and a loose bottom tooth since forever. A wire and bonding held it for years. He wants to pull all four... READ MORE

Is dental bonding removable? (Photo)

I just had dental bonding done today to fill a space between my two front teeth. When I asked the dentist if he would be able to remove the bonding in... READ MORE

How is dental bonding removed?

I had a small gap between my front teeth bonded. Wish I didn't do it but how can it be removed. Is it painful? There was nothing wrong with my tooth... READ MORE

Does removing bonding on your teeth cost a lot of money?

I just got bonding on my 2 front teeth and I don't like it very much. I was wondering if it would be expensive to remove it. thank you! READ MORE

Can I remove dental bonding?

I had bonding done on my teeth and would like to know if I can get it removed? The dentist did "rough" up my tooth...did that cause damage? READ MORE

I have a gap around 4mm in my front teeth. What is the quickest long term solution to remove the gap? (photo)

I am 33 years old. My upper front teeth have a gap And upper 4 teeth are slightly forward too. I want a quick solution to fill the gap. My dentist has... READ MORE

Removal of Dental Bonding. Any suggestions?

I had composite bonding placed on my front teeth, i can taste it all the time and it is making me ill. I would now like it removed, my dentist has... READ MORE

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