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Should I invest in teeth bonding or braces to close the gap between my front teeth? (Photo)

I am not sure how to measure the space between my two front teeth.I can slide the tip of my tongue through it. Hopefully the picture will help you in... READ MORE

Should I get bonding and a permanent retainer since the ortho told me my bottom teeth wouldn't move if my retainer broke? (Photo

After having to wait quite a ways for a new retainer (a few weeks after accidentally breaking my retainer), my teeth moved and I'm not happy with the... READ MORE

Would composite bonding be a good choice for me? My front teeth have fillings and they are quite transparent (Photo)

Thanks to genetics I have had terrible teeth my entire life. After getting fillings in my front teeth I was more self conscious about my teeth than... READ MORE

Is dental bonding a good idea for me? (photos)

I had braces before, and they were good for a short time afterwards, but I lost 2 retainers and couldnt afford to get a new one (I know I suck) so my... READ MORE

Can I get a bonding again on my tooth, after my front tooth broke? (Photo)

I I got my front tooth broken and it took a little of my other tooth next to it which I got bonding years ago. Yesterday out of nowhere that part came... READ MORE

I decided to have dental bonding. Should I have it done after getting a mouthguard? (Photo)

My doctor told me that my bite is correct but when i close my mouth there is no space between uper and lower teeth from inside,so they tend to touch... READ MORE

I Want to know if large gaps can be filled with Orthofill bands or something else without costing so much money & time? (photo)

I have large gaps and missing teeth as well want to know that can orthofill bands close these gaps without leaving any gaps or veneers or bonds...... READ MORE

I had braces for 3 years and my teeth are gapped again. Am I a good candidate for dental bonding? (photos)

Hi I was interested in getting some dental bonding done to my central incisors, lateral incisors, and my canines on my upper and lower teeth. I had... READ MORE

My two front teeth overlap due to overcrowding. Is dental bonding the answer? (photo)

My two front teeth overlap due to overcrowding from my wisdom teeth, and I've been told my a family member that dental bonding applied to the... READ MORE

Can I have bonding on my front teeth without it looking disproportionate? (Photo)

I've been living with a diastema between my two front teeth since I was a kid and I'm now planning to have it closed with dental bonding. Do you think... READ MORE

Could I get cosmetic bonding to make my teeth look bigger and fuller with my crossbite? (Photo)

I just want the top six because my bottom lip covers the bite. And approximately how much would it cost? READ MORE

How much will it cost to get the edges of my teeth evened out with bonding? (Photo)

Since my dentist has recommended that i'd leave my gums alone, maybe getting a little bonding could put this obsession to an end. If it came down to... READ MORE

Right Central incisor has slight attrition. Do you recommend bonding or contouring to fix my tooth?

I am near the end of my Invisalign treatment and through the correction process I realized that my right central incisor has attrition (wear). In... READ MORE

im going to have a dental bonding soon on my two front teeth. How long will my new teeth last?

I searched everything i know the procedure , the price but im concerned about how long it will last.And how much time before it changes color?... READ MORE

Would Composite Bonding help with closing my gaps for a quick cosmetic solution? (Photo)

I had a frenectomy 10 years ago because my gap was bigger between the top and bottom of my front teeth. I then tore a piece of gum tissue between my... READ MORE

Can Dental Bonding flake and chip? (photo)

I've gone to the dentist to get dental bonding on my teeth because I grind my teeth at night. After buying and using a night guard, I've gone four... READ MORE

Is the gap between my front teeth too large for dental bonding? (photo)

Is the gap between my front teeth too large for dental bonding? Will it make my front teeth look too wide compared to the rest of my teeth? READ MORE

Is Dental Bonding a good short term option for me? (Photo)

Not only do I have a gap between my front two teeth, but I have a small one to the right side of my front top tooth. With my teeth being on the small... READ MORE

Should I get my gaps filled by bonding? (photos)

I first got braces when I was 14 to get rid if my spaces but my dentist removed 4 premolars before the braces and this gave me even bigger space and... READ MORE

Would bonding or veneers be a better option to reduce the gap in my front teeth? (Photo)

I would like to close the gap in my front teeth but not fully. I just want it to look a bit smaller would bonding be a good choice? READ MORE

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