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Which Type of Dental Bridges Would You Recommend to Make the Abutment Teeth Last Longer and Healthier?

I want to take care of my 4 abutment teeth. I would like to know what kind of dental bridges is more recommended so that the abutment teeth will stay... READ MORE

Is There Anything I Can Do for This Chipped Tooth?

#25 is chipped from making contact with #8. The thickness was chipped & the front of the tooth bonded. I was told the corner (also thickness... READ MORE

Which Type of Dental Bridges is Best for 4 Abutment Molars & 6 PONTIC Upper Front Teeth to Make the Abutment Teeth Last Longer?

What kind of dental bridges is best to preserve the health of the abutment teeth?I have 4 molar abutment teeth & 6 continous PONTIC upper front... READ MORE

Best way to fix Broken Top Incisors?

Please i need answers on what is the best way to with fixing my broken top inscisors READ MORE

Bioclear matrix costs - $5000-$15,000 ... is this the normal? Told this at consult today. (photo)

Went to a cosmetic dentist to have my "black triangles looked at" ( which I didn't have these black triangles until I went to a recent deep cleaning... READ MORE

I Have Two Cracked Open Teeth What to Do?

I Have Two Cracked Open Teeth What to Do? READ MORE

I slightly chipped my tooth, should I have it filed or bonded? (Photo)

I chipped my front tooth ever so slightly it's not too noticeable but it definetly bothers me, what should I do to fix it? READ MORE

I have white spots on my teeth after dental bonding. Why did this happen and can it be fixed?

I had dental bonding done on my top two big teeth about 7 years ago, im 22 now, but ever since that procedure when i breath through my mouth i get... READ MORE

My two front top teeth have a large white spot on each tooth. What would be an estimate to get them removed with bonding?(Photo)

My smile is straight and I like the size of my teeth, just want to get rid of the spots on a budget, I have had them growing up and they don't seem to... READ MORE

Closing teeth gap about 5-6mm. What is my best option? (Photo)

I have a large space between my two front teeth and I was able to have a dentist fit in an extra tooth in between, which made it three as opposed to... READ MORE

I had bonding done on two of my teeth because of gum recession. It has been two months

When I use a pick on the gum line I feel the sharp pain then it goes away. Is this caused by dentin being exposed? Will it go away? What should I do?... READ MORE

Fixing black triangles with dental bonding after orthodontic work? (Photo)

I recently did invisalign to close a gap in my front teeth. My teeth are much improved but I still have a black triangle on my two upper incisors due... READ MORE

I'm about to just say I'd be better off getting dentures. What should I do? (Photo)

I got composite bonding on front 4 teeth in 2011 to hide the gaps. It'a now discolored, rough, and chipped out a little in my 2front teeth. I had my... READ MORE

Bonded front tooth that had a root canal, feels loose?

I had a peg tooth located in the top front of my mouth. A few years ago, My dentist bonded the peg to make it fuller. About ten months ago I got a... READ MORE

Is this a gap or black triangle? Very confused about what to do about my front teeth. (Photos)

I asked 2 days ago about my teeth and I received great answers, but I noticed that the space is getting larger and it's more prominent when I floss. I... READ MORE

Adult with baby teeth & botched bonding as child; Cosmetic dentistry options? (Photo)

I never developed lateral incisors and I still have baby teeth. As a poverty-stricken adolescent, a compassionate dentist bonded my lateral incisors... READ MORE

What is the best option bonding after braces or moving canines? (photos)

I have two pegged shaped incisors and some crowding. I have three very different options, the first braces with no extractions the second four... READ MORE

Dental contouring, veneers, or bonding?

My orthodontist wants to contour my teeth after I get my braces removed. My front four teeth are round (literally circle so i look buck toothed) and... READ MORE

Would Composite Bonding help with closing my gaps for a quick cosmetic solution? (Photo)

I had a frenectomy 10 years ago because my gap was bigger between the top and bottom of my front teeth. I then tore a piece of gum tissue between my... READ MORE

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