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When You Get a Chipped Tooth How Long is It Supposed Stay on For?

I got a chipped tooth fixed by my othrodontist about 8 and half months ago it was just the corner of my front tooth and today when I was flossing the... READ MORE

Is it normal for front teeth to occasionally hit on s sounds while speaking?

I got a permanent bonded retainer last month and since then i noticed that occasionally my right top front tooth hits my right bottom front tooth... READ MORE

Bioclear matrix costs - $5000-$15,000 ... is this the normal? Told this at consult today. (photo)

Went to a cosmetic dentist to have my "black triangles looked at" ( which I didn't have these black triangles until I went to a recent deep cleaning... READ MORE

Should a bonded retainer be glued to all 6 bottom teeth?

I just got a bonded retainer put on my bottom teeth, and they only glued to 3 teeth: the 2 on the end and one that I am having a problem with movement... READ MORE

Am I being told the right info about bonding and my bite? Can it be fixed?

Dentist offered to fix the gap and lengthen my 2 front teeth. Ended up bonding 6 front & "protecting" the back. Great, until he smoothed the back... READ MORE

Is it normal that a chipped tooth gets bigger after the bonding comes off? (Photo)

I had a small chip repaired on my tooth then after 1 1/2 months my bonding came off so I returned to my dentist to get it fixed. Then it came off... READ MORE

Unable to chew after tooth bonding. Is this normal?

I had tooth bonding done to front teeth (top 2 and bottom 2) to fix chips. After bonding, the bottom too are touching the back of the front tooth when... READ MORE

Pain in bonded tooth 5 Days out.

I had a small chip in one of my front teeth and had it bonded 5 days ago. I didn't have any pain before the bonding, but since yesterday (4 days after... READ MORE

Is it normal for a dentist to tell you that your bonding could only last for a few weeks?

Today I had a consultation about bonding with a dentist who gets amazing reviews and is extremely experienced. He told me that with bonding you never... READ MORE

My front tooth was chipped and fixed with bonding, but it is more discolored than my other front teeth. Is it normal? (Photo)

The color matched perfectly when I left but a few days later was noticeably darker. Does the compound agent soak in more so than with your other... READ MORE

I have several attachments. I have scratches on either on my actual tooth or in the bonding material. Is this normal? (Photo)

The scratches look like they dark lines/chunks and are quite noticeable (only when the trays are off). I am worried that this will affect the... READ MORE

Front tooth bonded/sore feeling.

I got my front tooth bonded it will be 1 week on March 1. I chipped it it wasn't a major break but my Dentist wanted to bond it because I was feeling... READ MORE

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