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Is Bonding a Good Option for My Teeth? I Have A Gap and Spacing Issues. (photo)

When it comes to my smile, there are only two things that bother me: The large gap in my bottom teeth, and my lateral incisor that appears to be... READ MORE

Can Dental Bonding Fix A Chipped Lower Incisor?

I Chipped the Back Upper Half of my Lower Incisor (#24 or 25, I Think).  Can Bonding Fix This? READ MORE

I Have Small Lateral Incisors? (photo)

I have small lateral incisors, and currently have braces on to correct the gaps I have/used to have. I'm nervous that my teeth won't look good due to... READ MORE

Best way to fix Broken Top Incisors?

Please i need answers on what is the best way to with fixing my broken top inscisors READ MORE

Can bonding be used to make teeth larger/bigger? (photos)

My teeth are generally healthy, straight, and white enough. I just had orthognathic surgery to improve the occlusion/mid-face deficiency. However, in... READ MORE

How could I lengthen my lateral incisors? (photo)

I used to have a very large gap in my teeth which was corrected with braces. I had permanent retainers put between the two central incisors which... READ MORE

Fixing black triangles with dental bonding after orthodontic work? (Photo)

I recently did invisalign to close a gap in my front teeth. My teeth are much improved but I still have a black triangle on my two upper incisors due... READ MORE

What is the best option bonding after braces or moving canines? (photos)

I have two pegged shaped incisors and some crowding. I have three very different options, the first braces with no extractions the second four... READ MORE

Right Central incisor has slight attrition. Do you recommend bonding or contouring to fix my tooth?

I am near the end of my Invisalign treatment and through the correction process I realized that my right central incisor has attrition (wear). In... READ MORE

Can Dental Bonding make my lateral incisor teeth bigger? (photos)

I was researching on how to make your teeth bigger, and for me I was wondering about my lateral incisor teeth because I feel they are a bit too small.... READ MORE

Orthodonthic treatment and bonding versus veneers? (photos)

I am having a great dilemma on what I should do with me teeth. If do an orthodontic treatment to close so spaces and turn one of my front teeth (my... READ MORE

Composite bonding for uneven teeth? (photo)

My teeth have always been a little uneven length-wise. I think the size of my two front teeth are fine, but my lateral incisors and canines are a bit... READ MORE

Is Dental Bonding the right option for me?

I am thinking about dental bonding to fix two gaps. One gap is a small space in my two front teeth and the other is a little bit larger space between... READ MORE

Should I get my teeth bonded or get Invisalign (if possible)? (photos)

Had invisalign. Problems never corrected. I want to get invisalgin again so that the front teeth and left incisor can be shifted to the left, which... READ MORE

Composite bonding on bottom front incisors. Tartar builds up so quickly behind them--which toothpaste is safe and helps?

My two bottom incisors are heavily filled with composite bonding-they are straightened/spaces closed with the bonding. I keep the area clean with... READ MORE

Can composite bonding help me get desired shade and shape? (Photo)

I am considering getting composite bonding to close the space between my central and lateral incisors. Can the resin be applied to the surface of the... READ MORE

Bonding, veneer or crown for dental restoration? (photos)

I'm 56 years old. I am having orthodontic work (Incognito) to fix the problem with my left upper canine and a bite issue. The left upper lateral... READ MORE

How can I fill multiple gaps? (Photo)

I have gaps on all sides of my four most frontal top teeth. My lateral incisors just look too small for my mouth in general. I've been so embarrassed... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for bonding? My central incisors are different sizes & my lateral incisors have always looked malformed (Photo)

I have quite an overbite as well which I want braces to correct it but mostly just concerned with my front 4/6 teeth. been thinking about bonding as... READ MORE

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