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Worn down Front bottom teeth due to Grinding - Dentist want to do filling with composite?

I have over bite and grinding problem too. Because of this my front bottom four teeth have worn down. The top surface of all the 4 teeth is exposing... READ MORE

Can I Have Bonding Done on my Teeth Without Grinding Any of Them Down?

My teeth are a little short and a little jagged and overcrowded. Can't I just have bonding done on all of them to make them a little longer and... READ MORE

Grinding Two Front Teeth?

Over the last year as my wisdom teeth have come out I've been grinding my two front teeth most the time without noticing when working. One of them... READ MORE

What would be my best route to restore my 6 upper anteriors (6-11)? Veneers or bonding? (photos)

I work for a dentist that is offering to do the restorations for just the cost of lab fees. It seems like he is trying to persuade me to opt for the... READ MORE

Can Dental Bonding flake and chip? (photo)

I've gone to the dentist to get dental bonding on my teeth because I grind my teeth at night. After buying and using a night guard, I've gone four... READ MORE

Can you see the effects of bruxism on my teeth? (Photo)

I've been grinding my teeth now for about four years. There was a brief time when the grinding stopped, but of course with stress it starts again. I... READ MORE

Worn down front four teeth from grinding/smaller teeth. Dental bonding/veneers? (Photo)

I am self concious about my teeth, I had braces in high school. Over the years with stress, grinding, clenching I ended up with short teeth :( I want... READ MORE

How should I repair my damaged front teeth? (They have been damaged from grinding but I wear a guard now) (photo)

I'm not sure what procedure to get. My teeth are damaged from grinding but I wear a night guard now which helps. My front two teeth are especially... READ MORE

Teeth Grinding and Cosmetic Bonding, will it be successful?

I grind my teeth at night and now wear a soft lower guard while I sleep. Prior to wearing this I caused damage to my teeth. I am interested in... READ MORE

My teeth looks fake what do I do? (Photos)

So I decided to get a full set of dental bonding done per advice from my dentist. He said porcelain is fragile and I grind my teeth so it would easily... READ MORE

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