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Dental Bonding on Front Tooth & Whitening? (photo)

My front tooth grew in with a major chip in it. The entire front surface of my tooth was filled with bonding as a result this was about 11 years ago.... READ MORE

Composite Bonding Restoration, How Long Until It Starts Feeling Normal?

I recently broke two front teeth (about 1/2 of a central incisor and lateral incisor). My dentist performed an amazing composite bonding restoration... READ MORE

Worn down Front bottom teeth due to Grinding - Dentist want to do filling with composite?

I have over bite and grinding problem too. Because of this my front bottom four teeth have worn down. The top surface of all the 4 teeth is exposing... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Bonding on Front Tooth Without Roughening It with Drilling Machine?

I fell down when I was a kid. Due to this, my front tooth broke and became half. my dentist suggested me to have bonding or a crown. I prefer bonding... READ MORE

I Have a Lot of Spaces Between my Lower Teeth. Can a Brace Fix This for Me? (photo)

I have gaps between my front and side lower teeth. The tops edge of my bottom teeth in the very front touch each other but the bottom near the gums... READ MORE

Will bonding come off when I get my braces off?

I have composite bonding on my two front teeth because of a chip and discoloration, I get my braces off soon and I was wondering if the bonding will... READ MORE

Should I invest in teeth bonding or braces to close the gap between my front teeth? (Photo)

I am not sure how to measure the space between my two front teeth.I can slide the tip of my tongue through it. Hopefully the picture will help you in... READ MORE

Can you whiten bonded teeth to the original color of the resin used?

My son had part of his front two teeth knocked out a few years ago and repaired by bonding. Last week at work a box fell off the truck at work and hit... READ MORE

Dental Bonding Breaking Away?

I have dental bonding on the front six teeth. There seems to be more than one layer of bonding: a very smooth layer and an outer layer than seems to... READ MORE

My four front teeth have bonding to extend the length. Do they look correct or should I have additional bonding? (photo)

I am pretty happy overall but I don't like how open the tooth is on the right side by my front tooth. Do you think I should have additional bonding to... READ MORE

Teeth bonding removal?

I've had my four front teeth bonded when I was 14, now that I'm 18 I want to remove them and get traditional braces to close my gaps. But I'm scared... READ MORE

Front tooth gray after root canal. Bonding or veneer?

My daughter had a trampoline accident and in the process killed her front tooth. It is gray at the top and noticeable. she is currently wearing braces... READ MORE

Can I have my teeth rebonded? (photos)

My 6 front teeth were bonded 24 years ago. The two on either side if my 2 front teeth are stained and one has a cavity. I am not happy with the color... READ MORE

How can I affordably correct the 1mm gap between my two front teeth?

I was wondering how to fix it without using braces. I'm 15 and I just feel self conscious about it! Also, my gums are blocking the teeth from coming... READ MORE

What Should I Get Done if I Just Wanted my Two Front Teeth Extended and my Back Teeth Pushed Out? (photo)

Well I know my teeth isn't perfect however, I'm planning on getting braces to straighten them, then extend the two front teeth to make them longer and... READ MORE

Is it common for a tooth for feel a tiny bit wobbly after getting a bond?

I chipped my two front teeth. I had them bonded yesterday. The right tooth was chipped close to the gum line in the back. The dentist did a great job... READ MORE

Is it normal for front teeth to occasionally hit on s sounds while speaking?

I got a permanent bonded retainer last month and since then i noticed that occasionally my right top front tooth hits my right bottom front tooth... READ MORE

Why has my brand new tooth bonding discolored so fast?

An old composite repair of a broken front tooth broke off in July 2014 and I had it replaced by a US military dentist who did an incredible job. It... READ MORE

3mm gap, would bonding fix? (photo)

I have an approx 3mm gap in my two front teeth, and I was wondering if bonding would be able to fix it? I have done a mock up on photoshop and added... READ MORE

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