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There is a Dark Line Between the Edge of the Tooth Filling and my Natual Tooth, Should I Be Concerned? (photo)

I had this tooth filling done 4 months ago. Yesterday I saw a dark line between the edge of the filling and my tooth. I brushed it with toothbrush but... READ MORE

Composite Filling Discolouration?

I had bad staining on my front teeth. My dentist decided at my last appointment that he would cover the two stained teeth with composite fillings,... READ MORE

My bonded tooth feels rough and unnatural. Any suggestions?

I got a tooth bonded 5 months ago. I had a small chip on the side of my front tooth. My dentist said he needed to trim more of the tooth to do the... READ MORE

Bonding VS Componeers? (photo)

All of my teeth have fillings, including my front teeth. Even though I can afford porcelain veneers I chose dental bonding to fix my front teeth... READ MORE

Would composite bonding be a good choice for me? My front teeth have fillings and they are quite transparent (Photo)

Thanks to genetics I have had terrible teeth my entire life. After getting fillings in my front teeth I was more self conscious about my teeth than... READ MORE

Tooth Colored Fillings for Half Broken Front Tooth?

I want to know that tooth colored fillings are durable for half broken front tooth OR it just chip after some months? I have heard that it is not... READ MORE

Why Did My Doctor Place A Tooth Colored Filling On My Broken Tooth?

Last Sunday, my doctor placed a tooth colored filling on my more than half broken front tooth. Instead of filling only the broken part, he filled my... READ MORE

Do I need a filling or bonding for my chipped tooth? (Photo)

So recently I saw that my left front tooth has been chipped and I think it was from a candy I ate "jolly rancher" I told my dentist but they did... READ MORE

I Want to Know About my Natural Tooth Structure Behind the Filling?

About 2.5 years ago, I had my tooth filled with a tooth colored direct filling and now after 2.5 years it is good, no chipping, no leakage, no... READ MORE

I have cracked teeth due to deep filling in molar. Sensitivity and pain 6 weeks later. Bonding or crown?

I got a deep filling done in my molar about 6 weeks ago and it didn't hurt till the past week. However, I have been experiencing sensitivity and some... READ MORE

Affordable solution for Decayed teeth? (photos)

No insurance, 22 years old college student seeking help. I have a budget of $1500 and would love to get this taking caring of very soon. I know $1500... READ MORE

Remaining Tooth Structure to Handle?

Does Dentists place fillings in teeth that are way too big for the remaining tooth structure to handle? Is it true? READ MORE

I want to go for cavity filing; Cerec filing. Would you recommend a silver or composite filing?

Hello. I want to go for cavity filing - Cerec filing. Please guide me, is it a good option than silver or composite filing? and let me the doctors... READ MORE

Will I need dental bonding and/or filling of my central incisors, and if so, how much does it generally cost? (photo)

Oh, the dangers of fully-automatic airsoft guns! The left central incisor (see image attachment) is quite considerably cracked, while the right... READ MORE

Why does the left side of my mouth feel like I'm biting down on the tooth after a bonding filling procedure?

I had it done a week and a half ago and i thought last friday that i had lost it while eatting but then i went back to the dentist to have it checked... READ MORE

I went to the dentist and got a tooth filled but then it start turning yellow. I don't know what to do please help!! (photo)

I went to the dentist because my tooth chipped and ever since I left it started to turn yellow. . Please help READ MORE

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