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Price to Have 8 Teeth Bonded?

All I need is the top 8 teeth bonded. They are yellow, gap and 1 twisted tooth. I want pearl white pretty teeth. Mother took tricycline while she was... READ MORE

Front tooth gray after root canal. Bonding or veneer?

My daughter had a trampoline accident and in the process killed her front tooth. It is gray at the top and noticeable. she is currently wearing braces... READ MORE

Is my gap to large for cosmetic bonding? (photo)

I am very interested in having my gap closed. I am not sure how much I am willing to spend on it but was hoping for an opinion and maybe a rough... READ MORE

Could I get cosmetic bonding to make my teeth look bigger and fuller with my crossbite? (Photo)

I just want the top six because my bottom lip covers the bite. And approximately how much would it cost? READ MORE

Can I do dental bonding? Is my gap too big? (Photo)

How much would it cost me at the most? If I was to do the porcelain How many would I need and how much would it cost me? I really feel self conscious... READ MORE

What can be done about this? Poor dental bonding work (Photo)

Healthy teeth. 23 year old female. Dental bonding gone wrong to cover white spots. Went through 4 dentists and they all made it worse. I had most of... READ MORE

Right Central incisor has slight attrition. Do you recommend bonding or contouring to fix my tooth?

I am near the end of my Invisalign treatment and through the correction process I realized that my right central incisor has attrition (wear). In... READ MORE

Is my gap to big to be closed with bonding? (photos)

I am so self conscious about my teeth and my parents won't let me get braces unless I pay for them myself. I also have an overbite. Can I still get... READ MORE

Can Dental Bonding flake and chip? (photo)

I've gone to the dentist to get dental bonding on my teeth because I grind my teeth at night. After buying and using a night guard, I've gone four... READ MORE

Composite bonding for uneven teeth? (photo)

My teeth have always been a little uneven length-wise. I think the size of my two front teeth are fine, but my lateral incisors and canines are a bit... READ MORE

Would bonding or veneers be a better option to reduce the gap in my front teeth? (Photo)

I would like to close the gap in my front teeth but not fully. I just want it to look a bit smaller would bonding be a good choice? READ MORE

28 year old girl with 3 spaces between my upper teeth which look awkward when I laugh/speak. How can I close the gaps? (Photo)

I am a 28 years old girl and there are 3 big spaces between my four theeths which look very awkward when I laugh/speak and now becuase people keep... READ MORE

I was wondering if bonding would be the best option to close my gap. Its about 2-3 mm. (photo)

Is my gap to huge to close .I've seen a doctor who told me that it would make my teeth look bigger .That's a look I'm not looking forward to but if... READ MORE

Can Bonding/Veneers correct my crooked smile? (photos)

I had braces for 4 long years and they were finally taken off this week. I am. it happy with my result. I am missing my left canine, I believe it's a... READ MORE

I would like to close my gap with bonding. Is my gap too big? (Photo)

I have this gap in the front of my two teeth that I would love to close but don't know which one would better suite me braces, or bonding READ MORE

Are Minimal prep veneers safe for teeth that have had bonding polished off? Should I get this or will it cause problems? (photo)

I'm 22/female. I originally had minimal prep for bonding at the bottom of my front 2 teeth to cover white spots. Months later i went to get a scratch... READ MORE

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