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Can You Adhere Bonding to Teeth with No Etching? Would This Make It Easier to Replace Bonding So Enamel Can Be Preserved 100%?

Can You Adhere Bonding to Teeth with No Etching?  Would This Make It Easier to Replace Bonding So Enamel Can Be Preserved 100%? READ MORE

Can Bonding Be Removed Without Losing Enamel & is It Safe to Remove & Not Place Any Bonding over It? Will It Be Safe?

I have done a composite bonding on my front teeth but it irritates me now i want to remove those bonding as my dentist placed the bonding material... READ MORE

Cosmetic Bonding Maintenance? Does it Damage Enamel?

I am considering getting cosmetic bonding on several teeth. I would like to know when comes time for replacement if any enamel gets ground off in the... READ MORE

I have thin teeth enamel. What should I do? (Photo)

My teeth enamel is very thin and translucent at the bottom, with a lot of chips and cracks..It hurts when I eat something hot or cold. I asked my... READ MORE

When Replacing Bonding, Can a Small Layer of the Old Bonding Be Left on the Tooth to Protect the Enamel from Possible Abrasion?

When Replacing Bonding, Can a Small Layer of the Old Bonding Be Left on the Tooth to Protect the Enamel from Possible Abrasion? READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned That my Doctor Removed Some of my Enamal to Adjust Bite? (photo)

This is the first time I went to this dentist. I had a tooth filling that I had done years ago fall off, so I went to this dentist to replace it.... READ MORE

Why does my bonding come off so quickly from my tooth? (Photo)

I have a tooth with eroded enamel (top right incisor) and my dentist put composit bonding on it. The first time, it popped off. Second time, It wore... READ MORE

Can Bonding Be Removed Only From the Layer of the Tooth Without Touching the Margin Part So I Can See my Enamel?

I hve done bonding on front teeth to close gaps bt prior bonding dentist removed lil tooth structure in the margin so nw i wanna remove the bonding... READ MORE

A dentist says my enamel is very thin and microtubules are visible. Will bonding help? I've had pain for years from this.

I have had many consultations with MD and dental specialists for horrible, stabbing pain that only goes away when I sleep (I'm also now hooked on pain... READ MORE

What is the best solution for rapidly deteriorating teeth enamel due to on going reliance on blood pressure pills ?

I have to take propranolol (60mg/day) pills due to heart valve prolapse (had repair 11 years ago and have been on the pills for last 9 months) which I... READ MORE

Composite bonding removal?

When I was younger (maybe 14? I'm 19 now) my mom had my dentist put what I believe is composite bonding on my two front teeth to make them look whiter... READ MORE

Bonding for severe gum/bone recession.

I went to dentist in Mexico today to get 6 upper and 6 lower teeth bonded for severe gum/bone recession. I asked the dentist if he would bond the... READ MORE

Teeth bonding for seventeen year old

My two front teeth have lost a lot of enamel. I cut down my caffeine intake to zero as of three months ago as I used to drink pop every single day.... READ MORE

Can I remove my tooth bonding without any enamel loss and get the same old teeth?

My tooth got slight chipped last weak and dentist fixed it by tooth bonding, which is looking unnatural to me and irritating. More over I am afraid of... READ MORE

Dental Bonding? (photo)

I had a small gap between the bottom of my front teeth, and decided to do something about it yesterday.Now during this process, they numbed the left... READ MORE

How much enamel must be removed for bonding?

10 yrs ago, I chipped my front tooth (small sliver, along the edge, going about halfway up) and my dentist repaired it with bonding. All good until... READ MORE

Is Bonding best choice to fix the yellowish coloring of my 2 front teeth if I have lost enamel there? (photos)

I've always taken good care of my teeth, never drink coffee, tea, soda, etc, and just realized why the 2 front teeth are turning yellow. It's because... READ MORE

Bonding Staining? Does etching damage enamel?

I had a tiny pin prick in front bottom tooth at gum line from an accident. The dentist decided to put a composite on the area but he put it on quite a... READ MORE

What Happens When Teeth bonding Reverse Naturally without any force?

I want know, if bonding reverse naturally without any force, will it harm enamel beneath it or not? And also let me know about what can we do for... READ MORE

Can composite bonding be done on all my teeth?

Teeth worn / yellow from loss of enamal. Otherwise healthy-- not rotting. Only afford bonding at this point. See it as temporary solution. Im content... READ MORE

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