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Cracked bridgework - can a loose tooth be cemented back in?

Hi, I have had a bridge of 4 teeth for 25 years, however the other day, I went to bite an apple and I heard an almighty crack, looking at it I seem to... READ MORE

I Have Two Cracked Open Teeth What to Do?

I Have Two Cracked Open Teeth What to Do? READ MORE

Grinding Two Front Teeth?

Over the last year as my wisdom teeth have come out I've been grinding my two front teeth most the time without noticing when working. One of them... READ MORE

I have thin teeth enamel. What should I do? (Photo)

My teeth enamel is very thin and translucent at the bottom, with a lot of chips and cracks..It hurts when I eat something hot or cold. I asked my... READ MORE

Twenty five years ago I had bonding done to my front teeth which is now discolored and cracked.

I want to have the gaps filled with more bonding or have the bonding removed and replaced. Original bonding was quite thick and, I'm sure, has worn... READ MORE

How to treat hairline crack on back of front tooth?

My bottom teeth hit midway on my upper fronts. I have a crack mid tooth to gum on my left front tooth due to my bite ( I am getting braces shortly to... READ MORE

Is it time for me to see the dentist for my dental bondings?

I got my two front teeth bonded after the tips being chipped off seven years ago. I noticed one of my teeth throbbing with pain, so I decided to look... READ MORE

Stained/crooked teeth: I was considering bonding/veneers. (photo)

I've been brushing for a week before my last dental visit & these stains remain. They suggested to try to whiten it the best they can. Which means... READ MORE

Will I need dental bonding and/or filling of my central incisors, and if so, how much does it generally cost? (photo)

Oh, the dangers of fully-automatic airsoft guns! The left central incisor (see image attachment) is quite considerably cracked, while the right... READ MORE

Bond on front tooth has a crack in it. Why could it have done this and do I need to get it replaced straight away?

I had a bond replacement done on my tooth about 6 years ago (first done about 10 years ago when I broke off half my front tooth) and I noticed this... READ MORE

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