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Worn down Front bottom teeth due to Grinding - Dentist want to do filling with composite?

I have over bite and grinding problem too. Because of this my front bottom four teeth have worn down. The top surface of all the 4 teeth is exposing... READ MORE

Composite Filling Discolouration?

I had bad staining on my front teeth. My dentist decided at my last appointment that he would cover the two stained teeth with composite fillings,... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Replace Composite Resin Bonding That Has a Yellow Colour to It? (photo)

I have had composite bonding on two of my teeth just to the left of my front teeth that has been there for approximately 18 months. I've noticed that... READ MORE

Can composite bonding done to cover up exposed dentin? (photos)

I have exposed dentin on the front bottom teeth due to bruxism. Is it possible to get composite bonding done just to cover up the exposed dentin? My... READ MORE

I'm about to just say I'd be better off getting dentures. What should I do? (Photo)

I got composite bonding on front 4 teeth in 2011 to hide the gaps. It'a now discolored, rough, and chipped out a little in my 2front teeth. I had my... READ MORE

Why does my bonding come off so quickly from my tooth? (Photo)

I have a tooth with eroded enamel (top right incisor) and my dentist put composit bonding on it. The first time, it popped off. Second time, It wore... READ MORE

Composite bonding removal?

When I was younger (maybe 14? I'm 19 now) my mom had my dentist put what I believe is composite bonding on my two front teeth to make them look whiter... READ MORE

Temporary fix for a large chip to the composite resin on my front tooth?

I have composite resin bonding on #8 and #9. I just bit into something today and the bonding broke on #9 - just part of it came off, but it looks... READ MORE

Does bonding have to be redone? (photos)

Composite veneer feels tight, and to close to gums. They're inflamed and throbbing. Do I have to get redone? Can it be smoothed down? Don't want to... READ MORE

Can a toothbrush cause dental composite bonding to wear?

I recently had some bonding done to two of my teeth. My dentist told me to brush normally so I did. However, the night of the same day I got the... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Composite Resin bonding on my small lateral incisors? (Photo)

I've seen about 3 dentists so far and I'm getting nervous as my appt gets closer. Will it make a big difference in my smile? Will my gum line still be... READ MORE

Can my bonding (composite veneers on four front teeth) be removed and my teeth polished back to normal?

I had composite veneers done to four front teeth, it was completely cosmetic, my teeth were small and turned slightly inward. So I had it done 2 yrs... READ MORE

Can composite bonding be used as a method of whitening the teeth? Can the resin be applied to the surface of the molars?(Photo)

I am thinking about getting composite bonding done to fill the spaces between my central and lateral incisors. I would like to know if the bonding... READ MORE

Is composite bonding safe when applied along gum line? Am I a suitable candidate? Will home whitening kits damage gums? (Photo)

I have neglected my gums and was using a terrible toothpick tool. They have receded and now I have many small gaps between my teeth. I would like to... READ MORE

Will composite bonding match my veneers on adjacent teeth? (Photo)

I had veneers done on 7-10 and the shade is really off. I have already had them re-done once. I can not afford to do more veneers as was suggested,... READ MORE

I want to go for cavity filing; Cerec filing. Would you recommend a silver or composite filing?

Hello. I want to go for cavity filing - Cerec filing. Please guide me, is it a good option than silver or composite filing? and let me the doctors... READ MORE

Bonding Staining? Does etching damage enamel?

I had a tiny pin prick in front bottom tooth at gum line from an accident. The dentist decided to put a composite on the area but he put it on quite a... READ MORE

Is the composite bonding material dentists put on chipped front teeth supposed to shrink over the course of one day?

I just got my two front teeth filled in because they were chipped. It has been about 4 hours and I've noticed that behind my teeth the bonding... READ MORE

Is composite bonding a good option? Are there different types of material to use for bonding? What is the best one now? (Photo)

I ve small gaps on the front upper tooth. My incisors are a small maybe because I used to have a lot of antibiotics when I was young due to... READ MORE

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