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Bonding Vs. Lumineers After Braces

My braces are coming off soon. I have a peg lateral incisor, which doesn't look too bad. Since my braces pushed all my teeth "tightly"... READ MORE

I have a 3-4 mm gap for the extraction spaces for which the braces can't close. What are my options?

I extracted 4 premolar teeth and the braces couldn't close the gaps completely. Why is this ? And also, what is the best option to close the gaps? The... READ MORE

Front tooth gray after root canal. Bonding or veneer?

My daughter had a trampoline accident and in the process killed her front tooth. It is gray at the top and noticeable. she is currently wearing braces... READ MORE

Is the Process of Removing Bonding the Same As Removing Traditional Braces from Teeth?

Is the Process of Removing Bonding the Same As Removing Traditional Braces from Teeth? READ MORE

I slightly chipped my tooth, should I have it filed or bonded? (Photo)

I chipped my front tooth ever so slightly it's not too noticeable but it definetly bothers me, what should I do to fix it? READ MORE

Gap inbetween teeth: Bonding or Braces? (Photo)

I hav e a gap in btr tween my teeth and I have gone to cosmetic dentist and orthodontist. One told me I should get a cosmetic bonding and the... READ MORE

Dental contouring, veneers, or bonding?

My orthodontist wants to contour my teeth after I get my braces removed. My front four teeth are round (literally circle so i look buck toothed) and... READ MORE

Orthodonthic treatment and bonding versus veneers? (photos)

I am having a great dilemma on what I should do with me teeth. If do an orthodontic treatment to close so spaces and turn one of my front teeth (my... READ MORE

Would bonding or veneers be a better option to reduce the gap in my front teeth? (Photo)

I would like to close the gap in my front teeth but not fully. I just want it to look a bit smaller would bonding be a good choice? READ MORE

Bonding, veneer or crown for dental restoration? (photos)

I'm 56 years old. I am having orthodontic work (Incognito) to fix the problem with my left upper canine and a bite issue. The left upper lateral... READ MORE

What procedure would work best to close my gap Veneers or Bonding? (photos)

Need to close this gap asap..tried 6 month braces didnt have a gap for 6 months and now i do..Help! READ MORE

Can Bonding/Veneers correct my crooked smile? (photos)

I had braces for 4 long years and they were finally taken off this week. I am. it happy with my result. I am missing my left canine, I believe it's a... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Crowns vs bonding for small differences in front teeth? I just finished Invisalign.

My teeth have completed invisalin. one crown does not match in color and another natural tooth is 1 mm shorter than other front tooth. Cosmetic... READ MORE

Should I get veneers or bonding? (photos)

I desperatly want my teeth to look normal. my teeth are too small and spaced. braces didnt fix them. veneers or bonding? I can afford veneers in a... READ MORE

What dental cosmetic procedure would be best for my bottom teeth? Crowns or bonding? (photos)

Would crowns or dental teeth bonding be best? Or is there any other options that would work for me? READ MORE

Bonding or Veneers for staining and chipped old bonding? (photos)

I would like to know which procedure would be best to give me a bright white, younger smile. I want something that will look good in 5-7 years, too. READ MORE

I have cracked teeth due to deep filling in molar. Sensitivity and pain 6 weeks later. Bonding or crown?

I got a deep filling done in my molar about 6 weeks ago and it didn't hurt till the past week. However, I have been experiencing sensitivity and some... READ MORE

I would like to close my gap with bonding. Is my gap too big? (Photo)

I have this gap in the front of my two teeth that I would love to close but don't know which one would better suite me braces, or bonding READ MORE

Fixing small gaps in my teeth - dental bonding or veneers? (photos)

I have some gaps between my upper teeth that I would like to fix ... a bigger gap between the front two teeth (first photo), and smaller gaps between... READ MORE

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