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Dental Bonding on Front Tooth & Whitening? (photo)

My front tooth grew in with a major chip in it. The entire front surface of my tooth was filled with bonding as a result this was about 11 years ago.... READ MORE

Corner of my Front Tooth Bonding Chipped Again Should I Try to Get It Fixed Again?

I got bonding done 6 months ago, and yesterday the inside corner of my from tooth chipped. I went in today and got it fixed, but after eating a piece... READ MORE

Can Dental Bonding Fix A Chipped Lower Incisor?

I Chipped the Back Upper Half of my Lower Incisor (#24 or 25, I Think).  Can Bonding Fix This? READ MORE

When You Get a Chipped Tooth How Long is It Supposed Stay on For?

I got a chipped tooth fixed by my othrodontist about 8 and half months ago it was just the corner of my front tooth and today when I was flossing the... READ MORE

Is There Anything I Can Do for This Chipped Tooth?

#25 is chipped from making contact with #8. The thickness was chipped & the front of the tooth bonded. I was told the corner (also thickness... READ MORE

Can Dental Bonding Be Removed?

I had braces when I was in college but after I took it off, my teeth became more uneven and I had teeth gaps because I did not wear my retainers on. I... READ MORE

My bonded tooth feels rough and unnatural. Any suggestions?

I got a tooth bonded 5 months ago. I had a small chip on the side of my front tooth. My dentist said he needed to trim more of the tooth to do the... READ MORE

Am I a Canidate for Dental Bonding Following Invisalign? (photo)

I am now 14/16 months into the Invisalign process and my teeth are great.My overbite/jet has also become much better.However, I chipped 3 of my teeth... READ MORE

What Procedure Will I Need? Chipped My Tooth When I Was Young and it is Very Yellow?

When I Was A Child I Chipped The Corner Of My Front Tooth. And My Mom Had It Fixed I Don't Know If It Was Bonding Or A Fillings But Now I'm 28 And It... READ MORE

After bonding, is there usually a visible line between the actual tooth and the bonding? Is this normal? Can it be fixed?

I chipped/broke a quarter inch of my front tooth. My dentist bonded my tooth. I am concerned because there is a visible line where the crack was. My... READ MORE

How Should I Fix my Teeth?

I have caps on both of my front teeth. There is a small gap in between them and one of them is chipped. Because they're caps I do not know the best... READ MORE

I slightly chipped my tooth, should I have it filed or bonded? (Photo)

I chipped my front tooth ever so slightly it's not too noticeable but it definetly bothers me, what should I do to fix it? READ MORE

Day 3 after composite bonding. This is the 2nd time the same spot the bonding has chipped. Is it even worth having?

It isn't anything that I have been eating and it isn't my bite. I have been very careful with them I keep getting a chip in the same spot, on the... READ MORE

I'm about to just say I'd be better off getting dentures. What should I do? (Photo)

I got composite bonding on front 4 teeth in 2011 to hide the gaps. It'a now discolored, rough, and chipped out a little in my 2front teeth. I had my... READ MORE

I had braces for 3 years and my teeth are gapped again. Am I a good candidate for dental bonding? (photos)

Hi I was interested in getting some dental bonding done to my central incisors, lateral incisors, and my canines on my upper and lower teeth. I had... READ MORE

What is the average price of dental bonding for ONE tooth (a chipped corner)?

I chipped the corner of my front tooth. It is a very small chip, not too noticeable and not painful. I am wondering what the average cost of a dental... READ MORE

Chipped front tooth repaired by bonding 7 years ago. Now the real half tooth is turning yellow and bonding is still there.

I chipped my tooth 10 years ago and now am 19, from recent past three yeras I've noticed that it's turning yellow. When I went to the dentist he did... READ MORE

Noticed Today That One of my Two Big Teeth is Chipped. What Can Be Done? (photo)

I noticed when looking at my teeth this morning that I was missing a small but noticeable chunk of my left big tooth (maxillary central incisor). I've... READ MORE

My front teeth are chipped in the middle. Can this be fixed by bonding? (Photo)

I have a spot in the middle of my front teeth, towards the gums that has chipped and seems to only get worse. I also have similar smaller spots on... READ MORE

Can Dental Bonding flake and chip? (photo)

I've gone to the dentist to get dental bonding on my teeth because I grind my teeth at night. After buying and using a night guard, I've gone four... READ MORE

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