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Composite Bonding Restoration, How Long Until It Starts Feeling Normal?

I recently broke two front teeth (about 1/2 of a central incisor and lateral incisor). My dentist performed an amazing composite bonding restoration... READ MORE

Cracked Horizontal Front Tooth? (photo)

I have horizontal cracked front tooth, I'm 49 years old, and I don't know what to do. I'm afraid that it might get worse with time. It does not bother... READ MORE

Best way to fix Broken Top Incisors?

Please i need answers on what is the best way to with fixing my broken top inscisors READ MORE

Why has my brand new tooth bonding discolored so fast?

An old composite repair of a broken front tooth broke off in July 2014 and I had it replaced by a US military dentist who did an incredible job. It... READ MORE

My front teeth cracked after dental bonding, now my teeth are sensitive and sore. What should I do?

I had bonding on my 4 front teeth for cosmetic reson,mostly at edges to close the gaps. They chipped in less than a week. I went back 8 days later to... READ MORE

Tooth Colored Fillings for Half Broken Front Tooth?

I want to know that tooth colored fillings are durable for half broken front tooth OR it just chip after some months? I have heard that it is not... READ MORE

Can I get a bonding again on my tooth, after my front tooth broke? (Photo)

I I got my front tooth broken and it took a little of my other tooth next to it which I got bonding years ago. Yesterday out of nowhere that part came... READ MORE

Is it toxic if I can taste the mighty bond after I put some glue because my porcelein teeth was broke in the middle?

Is it toxic if i can taste the mighty bond after i put some glue because my porcelein teeth was broke in the middle? READ MORE

Can my Tooth Be Reshaped on my Tooth Current Condition? (photo)

I want this procedure purely natural, no fillings, veneers and crown. I want my natural tooth back. Please help me. READ MORE

Why Did My Doctor Place A Tooth Colored Filling On My Broken Tooth?

Last Sunday, my doctor placed a tooth colored filling on my more than half broken front tooth. Instead of filling only the broken part, he filled my... READ MORE

The bonding broke off my tooth. Can it be fixed, and will I have to pay? (Photo)

I was eating baked beans when I noticed that I bit into a small piece of the bonding and the there was a crack from the top of the tooth, to the end... READ MORE

I'm wondering what I can use to bond the piece of tooth that broke off to what's left in the gum?

At dinner tonight one of my teeth on the top that already has been chipped/ broke off came out in the corn on cob I was eating. I do not have... READ MORE

Will this be a job for dental bonding? (Photo)

My tooth broke off from a ball, howver I was in plans of getting braces or bonding already to close my gap. I'm unsure of what will be done to fix... READ MORE

Half of my lower incisor is broken. I am thinking about tooth bonding but I am worried about the price.

Are there any other options besides bonding and how much do you think it will cost me to fix half of a lower whether bonding etc. READ MORE

My incisor has been broken (Photo)

My incisor has been broken in two parts Outer and inner... What to do Outer is shaking READ MORE

What can be happening? I got piece of broken teeth left over inside the bond area.

As per doc I don't need to worries! What can be happen if it left there only? READ MORE

Broken front teeth filling next to root canal or bracing. (Photos)

Sir,after filling can i root cannel treetment, if dont do root cannel tret what happend next, i need to go to bracess, after one year latter can i... READ MORE

I have a broken top tooth. It is the tooth left of my two front teeth. Can it be somehow bonded to the teeth on each side?

It is broken down in the root so it is loose. it has had a root canal years ago and is mostly gold. Can it be somehow bonded to the teeth on each... READ MORE

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