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Tooth Bonding on Front Teeth Discolors Easily, What Can I Do For This?

I have bonding on 6 of my front teeth. For the most part, I am happy with the look, but the bonding discolors easily. I have tried sticking to light... READ MORE

Do gums grow back?

Couple of weeks ago i removed my braces, my teeth looked great till i had them cleaned, i now have gaps, big and small. i am aware that it could be... READ MORE

Which Type of Dental Bridges Would You Recommend to Make the Abutment Teeth Last Longer and Healthier?

I want to take care of my 4 abutment teeth. I would like to know what kind of dental bridges is more recommended so that the abutment teeth will stay... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Bonding on Front Tooth Without Roughening It with Drilling Machine?

I fell down when I was a kid. Due to this, my front tooth broke and became half. my dentist suggested me to have bonding or a crown. I prefer bonding... READ MORE

my bonding just fell off last night but this is after years and years of perfection, can I have it re-attached?

I want to have the same piece fused back. Is this possible? what is the cost typically of rebonding the piece that fell off READ MORE

Would Composite Bonding Be an Option for Multiple Teeth Gaps? I Have 5 Upper Teeth Gaps. (Photos)

My teeth are small for my jaw, so I have very spaced teeth. I want porcelain veneers later but in the mean time I want to use bonding, I know it isn't... READ MORE

my bonding now looks cracked after 7 years. What are my options?

I did bonding on my one front tooth 7 years it has discolored and i can clearly see a line or the point in daylight where the bonding... READ MORE

Is Dental Bonding the right option for me?

I am thinking about dental bonding to fix two gaps. One gap is a small space in my two front teeth and the other is a little bit larger space between... READ MORE

How do I get rid of these gaps in my front teeth? (Photo)

There are gaps within my upper and lower front teeth and also I have a close bite so what should I do-bonding/braces/implant? READ MORE

Dental Bonding over front teeth is starting to feel weird 5 years after treatment, is this normal?

I had dental bonding for cosmetic reasons to cover up the gap between my front teeth. however it has started to feel out of place like I can feel the... READ MORE

Can I get my tooth bonded? (photos)

I thought about getting the side of my tooth bonded. does it look like it can be bonded? READ MORE

Stained/crooked teeth: I was considering bonding/veneers. (photo)

I've been brushing for a week before my last dental visit & these stains remain. They suggested to try to whiten it the best they can. Which means... READ MORE

Teeth discoloration on front tooth due to calcium - what would be the solution?

I've had it for as long as I could remember I've went to appointments and they've told me veneers would be the option but that I'm too young for that.... READ MORE

Is teeth reshaping and dental bonding for my pointy canine teeth a good idea? (photos)

Dear doctors, I have healthy teeth but I dislike my canine teeth. Is it possible to reshape them and correct the "vampire look"? How much would it... READ MORE

How much to close huge my gap? (Photo)

Not willing to do invisalign or braces just bonding READ MORE

Front tooth bonded/sore feeling.

I got my front tooth bonded it will be 1 week on March 1. I chipped it it wasn't a major break but my Dentist wanted to bond it because I was feeling... READ MORE

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