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Replacing Dental Sealants As an Adult?

I had sealants put on my molars in 95 as a requirement before orthodontic treatment. I completed 5 years of ortho. Several dentists, that I have... READ MORE

What Procedure Will I Need? Chipped My Tooth When I Was Young and it is Very Yellow?

When I Was A Child I Chipped The Corner Of My Front Tooth. And My Mom Had It Fixed I Don't Know If It Was Bonding Or A Fillings But Now I'm 28 And It... READ MORE

Is bonding an option for my peg laterals? No crowns or veneers at this point. (photos)

I have peg laterals and I'm looking for a temporary fix for a year or two. Altogether, I need braces and then double jaw surgery, I would like for my... READ MORE

Bond came off one of my teeth after only a month or two. What is my best option?

I'm 32. Since getting my braces off as a teen my teeth have shifted & also worn down over time (grinding, etc). My dentist bonded several of my teeth... READ MORE

I have a gap around 4mm in my front teeth. What is the quickest long term solution to remove the gap? (photo)

I am 33 years old. My upper front teeth have a gap And upper 4 teeth are slightly forward too. I want a quick solution to fill the gap. My dentist has... READ MORE

Would bonding be a good option for me? (photo)

I'm 25 years old and don't have insurance. Tired of family and friends making fun of my teeth. My teeth are also very small, barely noticeable when I... READ MORE

28 year old girl with 3 spaces between my upper teeth which look awkward when I laugh/speak. How can I close the gaps? (Photo)

I am a 28 years old girl and there are 3 big spaces between my four theeths which look very awkward when I laugh/speak and now becuase people keep... READ MORE

I was wondering if you think I'm a good candidate for the dental bonding on my teeth? (Photo)

Im 27 years old. It seems just over the past 3 years my teeth have just went down hill big time. I have decay around the gums. Ive been to a few... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Extend the Length of Teeth by Wearing a Guard That Keeps Them from Touching?

My son age 30, has ground his teeth down and a dentist in another country has placed a guard on his back teeth to keep them from touching, so that... READ MORE

I chipped my 3 front teeth when I was 13. They all had root canals & were fixed with bonding. Now I am running into problems..

I am now 29 years old & my most recent dentist appointment uncovered that the 15 year old bonding on my 3 front teeth is cavity-filled, decaying &... READ MORE

Dental bonding on milk tooth?

I am considering dental bonding now ,but not sure if it can be done for me. I am 27 and i still have one milk tooth to the left of my front two teeth... READ MORE

Bonding? Is it possible to get that done again? What's the cheapest option outside of dentures?

I had got about a little over half of my front teeth chipped/broken off when o was like 8 or 9 and now I'm 27 and one fell off lastnight. I think the... READ MORE

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