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Tooth Bonding on Front Teeth Discolors Easily, What Can I Do For This?

I have bonding on 6 of my front teeth. For the most part, I am happy with the look, but the bonding discolors easily. I have tried sticking to light... READ MORE

Old Bonding Has Discolored. Can This Be Retouched Up Without Drilling?

I have anxiety and cannot be numbed up. For the most part my bonding is still very much in tact. I would just like it touched up if possible to whiten... READ MORE

Composite Bonding Restoration, How Long Until It Starts Feeling Normal?

I recently broke two front teeth (about 1/2 of a central incisor and lateral incisor). My dentist performed an amazing composite bonding restoration... READ MORE

Corner of my Front Tooth Bonding Chipped Again Should I Try to Get It Fixed Again?

I got bonding done 6 months ago, and yesterday the inside corner of my from tooth chipped. I went in today and got it fixed, but after eating a piece... READ MORE

Why Some Dentists Are Afraid of Taking my Bonding Off?

I want to take off new bonding done on my teeth so that I could close my gaps with braces. My orthodontic sent me to my dentist to take the bonding... READ MORE

When You Get a Chipped Tooth How Long is It Supposed Stay on For?

I got a chipped tooth fixed by my othrodontist about 8 and half months ago it was just the corner of my front tooth and today when I was flossing the... READ MORE

Tooth Sensitivity After Bonding?

I got my teeth bonded few weeks ago...and sometimes feel sensitivity (while eating) on one of my teeth that has a bonding since that procedure. Any... READ MORE

What are all the ways to remove a dental bridge?

I would like to know what is the legal ways to remove a dental bridge. My dentist took a tool and just pulled the bridge out like an extraction with a... READ MORE

Why Did my Bonded Front Tooth Fall out After Having It Done Ten Days Ago? (photo)

I brushed my teeth the flossed. Minutes later, I was eating bananna bread and my bonding fell out. READ MORE

Replacing Dental Sealants As an Adult?

I had sealants put on my molars in 95 as a requirement before orthodontic treatment. I completed 5 years of ortho. Several dentists, that I have... READ MORE

Composite Filling Discolouration?

I had bad staining on my front teeth. My dentist decided at my last appointment that he would cover the two stained teeth with composite fillings,... READ MORE

My bonded tooth feels rough and unnatural. Any suggestions?

I got a tooth bonded 5 months ago. I had a small chip on the side of my front tooth. My dentist said he needed to trim more of the tooth to do the... READ MORE

Can Dental Bonding Be Removed?

I had braces when I was in college but after I took it off, my teeth became more uneven and I had teeth gaps because I did not wear my retainers on. I... READ MORE

Can you whiten bonded teeth to the original color of the resin used?

My son had part of his front two teeth knocked out a few years ago and repaired by bonding. Last week at work a box fell off the truck at work and hit... READ MORE

Dental Bonding Breaking Away?

I have dental bonding on the front six teeth. There seems to be more than one layer of bonding: a very smooth layer and an outer layer than seems to... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Replace Composite Resin Bonding That Has a Yellow Colour to It? (photo)

I have had composite bonding on two of my teeth just to the left of my front teeth that has been there for approximately 18 months. I've noticed that... READ MORE

My four front teeth have bonding to extend the length. Do they look correct or should I have additional bonding? (photo)

I am pretty happy overall but I don't like how open the tooth is on the right side by my front tooth. Do you think I should have additional bonding to... READ MORE

Wanted to Remove Composite Bonding & Want my Enamel Back. Is Bonding Reversible?

Is bonding reversible bcz its been 5mnths since placed bonding to fill my gaps so nw i just want to remove it completely & want my enamel back is... READ MORE

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