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How Long Does the Redness Last After Deep Fx?

The CO2 laser procedure I am planning on doing for is the Fractional CO2 laser (Deep Fx) Laser by Lumenis. Can you offer advice to a speedy recovery?... READ MORE

Deep FX for Unevenness and Acne Scarring?

I had very bad cystic acne on my face. I actually had deep CO2 Laser treatment in 1998. It helped about 25% to 30% but I still have a lot of... READ MORE

Which is Better: Deep FX or Fraxel Re:pair?

In the terms of recovering of acne scarring, recovery time, effectiveness, safety, price, and any other important things to know.Thank you READ MORE

Deep FX Vs Total FX in Terms of Downtime?

I am 39, have severe acne scars and a bad skin appearance with pigmentation, uneven tone etc. My dermatologist suggested the Deep FX saying the down... READ MORE

Can Active & Deep Fx Laser for Lines on Upper LipCause Herpes?

I was surprized to hear this info, Dr said it can cause an out break on lips. I never heard of this and never had a cold sore in my 51yrs. READ MORE

Is Deep FX or Dermabrasion Better for Lip Lines?

I am scheduled for Active FX / Deep FX to remove wrinkles and improve skin discoloration due to sun damage. Would I have a better result to use... READ MORE

Is Deep FX or Active FX Safe on Olive Skin Tones?

I am considering having this treatment for some mild acne scars. I am part Middle Eastern and would say I am a type 3 or 4, its not all that clear to... READ MORE

Deep FX for Tightening Under Chin Area?

I am scheduled for the Deep FX. I am concerned about the area under my chin. Will Deep FX tighten that area, or should I have Smart Lipo under the... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have Deep FX on Face with Permanent Filler?

I have permanent filler. Can I undergo Deep FX? How would I benefit from this treatment? READ MORE

Can Deep FX Be Done Separately from Active FX?

Can Deep FX be used for one acne scar without Active FX? My doctor said he would treat inside the scar only. Can I expect improvement from this? READ MORE

How Effective is Deep FX on Mouth and Chin Area Wrinkles?

I am considering Deep FX Laser treatment to tighten my skin and reduce wrinkles. Is this the laser to use? I have wrinkling around the mouth and chin... READ MORE

Deep FX for Hooded Upper Eyelid?

I just turned 50 and while I don't have any real wrinkles, over the years I have developed a hooded eye. It is as though my forehead has relaxed... READ MORE

DeepFX After Facial Plastic Surgery

Can you have DeepFX if you had facial plastic surgery five years ago? READ MORE

Applying Protopic on Vitiligo Spots After Deep FX or Fraxel?

Hi Doctors/Experts, I have vitiligo on face (more than 10 years) and Protopic is effective in treating my spot. Now I am considering to have a Deep... READ MORE

Deep FX for Dark Circles?

My doctor have informed me that Deep FX can eliminate dark circles. Is that true? READ MORE

Deep FX with Lumenis FX for Rosacea Patient?

Is Deep FX treatment with a Lumenis FX laser safe for rosacea patients? READ MORE

SCAAR FX and Atrophic Acne Scars on the Face. More Effective Than DeepFX?

Lumenis recently introduced SCAAR FX, a mode for its UltraPulse fractional CO2 laser which allows treatment up to a depth of 4 mm, double that of... READ MORE

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