Acne Scars + Deep FX

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Deep FX for Unevenness and Acne Scarring?

I had very bad cystic acne on my face. I actually had deep CO2 Laser treatment in 1998. It helped about 25% to 30% but I still have a lot of... READ MORE

Deep FX Vs Total FX in Terms of Downtime?

I am 39, have severe acne scars and a bad skin appearance with pigmentation, uneven tone etc. My dermatologist suggested the Deep FX saying the down... READ MORE

Is Deep FX or Active FX Safe on Olive Skin Tones?

I am considering having this treatment for some mild acne scars. I am part Middle Eastern and would say I am a type 3 or 4, its not all that clear to... READ MORE

Applying Protopic on Vitiligo Spots After Deep FX or Fraxel?

Hi Doctors/Experts, I have vitiligo on face (more than 10 years) and Protopic is effective in treating my spot. Now I am considering to have a Deep... READ MORE

Deep FX Vs. Fraxel for Woman in Her Early 30s

Hi, I'm in my early thirties and have generally good skin. I have some slight acne scars, freckles, and some fine lines around my eyes. I've... READ MORE

Deep FX Vs CO2 Laser for Acne Scars and Open Pores?

I am 52 years old and considering having a Deep FX laser or perhaps having the deeper CO2 laser. I have some acne scarring on my chin and open pores... READ MORE

Is Smoothbeam Necessary if I Plan to Get Deep FX?

I've had many consultations with conflicting answers. Since my T-zone is oily, my larges are large and I have acne scars, I plan on getting Deep FX. ... READ MORE

I Have Psoriasis - Can I Still Get Laser Tx for Acne Scars?

I have mild plaque psoriasis (on elbows and back of calfs primarily). I also have old acne scars from cystic acne on my cheeks. I would like to get... READ MORE

Total FX for Acne Scars on Patient with Vitiligo?

If I have vitiligo and serious acne scar on my face, can I try Deep FX or Total FX? Will it worsen my vitiligo? READ MORE

Can DeepFX Setting of Low MJ Potentially Have a Greater Effect on Acne Scars?

I was reading this somewhere and so I wanted to know this, This is for Acne Scarring. That we can use a low mj (energy levels) but can have such a... READ MORE

I have pretty severe acne scarring on my cheeks. Would deep fx or total fx be a better choice for me?

Just had an awful experience with a doctor who lied to me for an entire year. He performed 7 fraxel treatments spaced a month in between each one.... READ MORE

DeepFX alone compared to TotalFX

Although I've heard that TotalFX is still not as effective as its non-fractional version, I believe the fractional versions pose less risk especially... READ MORE

Deep FX laser for old cystic acne scars. Will only having one portion of my face look weird? When can I use acne med again?

I am 37 and have had cystic acne ONLY on my chin and jawline for over 10 years and seem to have it finally controlled under Epiduo. Mr derm wants to... READ MORE

SCAAR FX and Atrophic Acne Scars on the Face. More Effective Than DeepFX?

Lumenis recently introduced SCAAR FX, a mode for its UltraPulse fractional CO2 laser which allows treatment up to a depth of 4 mm, double that of... READ MORE

Cost of Encore Deep FX Laser for Acne Scarring?

I'm in korea now and thinking about getting the laser treatment. However the pricing is high for me(600$ per), though because this is my first... READ MORE

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