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How to Remove Very Dark Circles and Thin Skin Under Eyes?

Under my eyes is very dark and the skin is very thin. I am looking for a perminate solution to this. I am very beautiful but because of my dark... READ MORE

Best Procedure for Dark, Sunken Circles Under the Eye? (Age 18)

I am only 18 years old and I have fair skin. I have had these sunken in dark circles as long as I can remember. I look tired and sickly all of the... READ MORE

What Can Remove These Dark Circles?

I am 20 years old and have suffered from dark circles since i was about 12 That is when i first got prescripted glasses that i had to wear daily. Now... READ MORE

Under Eye Procedures for a 16 Year Old Girl?

I have bad circles under my eyes that dont go away with creams, good sleep, etc. I know that 16 is very young to consider plastic surgery, and that... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Undereye Circles and Deep-set Eyes?

Which is the Best Treatment for Undereye Dark Circles N Deep Situated Eyes READ MORE

Surgical Options for Dark Circles Under Eyes

I'm a 40 year old male. Looking at the photo, what would you consider would be the best surgical options providing long term results. What would... READ MORE

Treatment Options for Dark Circles?

I've had dark circles under my eyes for as long as I can remember-even childhood photos show me with shadows! They seem to be getting worse and... READ MORE

Treatment for Dark Circles Due to Hyperpigmentation if You're Prone to Keloids?

Is there no treatment for dark circles / age spots caused my hyper-pigmentation if you have keloid prone skin? Also i am east indian. So with all the... READ MORE

Are these dark circles curable? (photo)

My mom has dark circles but she is also a darker skin color, my dad has light skin and does not have dark circles and my sisters are hardly noticeable... READ MORE

What type of dark circles do I have? How to treat them? (Photo)

I got some serious dark circle and do not know what they sort of dark circle they are READ MORE

Permanent Treatment for Hereditary Dark Circles, w/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Inherent Dark Circles That Will Not Shift with Usual Advise I Have M.E and Other Med Probs. I'm 33 and have really dark eyes. I have had them... READ MORE

How effective is PRP for dark circles and under eye bags?

I saw no results after the first procedure, but the Dr.'s assistant said she guarantees I'll be happy with the results after three treatments. Is this... READ MORE

What Do I Do About my Dark Circles?

I am 27 years old. over the past 6 months the skin under my eyes have become darker. it may be genetic. I am of Indian origin. I went to the derm and... READ MORE

Diagnosis and cause of my dark circles - treatment options? (Photos)

I am 26 yr old female, Indian origin. I suffer from myopia and PCOS and Rosacea. I have terrible dark circles from long before i was diagnosed with... READ MORE

Dark Circle Treatments in Chicago

I am looking for a procedure for dark circles. I live in chicago and need a doctor in this area. I wanted to ask if there are any doctors that deal... READ MORE

So the main question is how to treat my dark circles. What sort of cremes of medication to take?

So I've been eating a lot of healthy foods for a month and before I haven't really been eating that bad. I started using some cheap under-eye cream... READ MORE

What would be the best treatment for my under eye veins and dark circles? IPL, other laser treatment or fat grafting? (Photos)

I have quite bad dark circles under my eyes and veins. Under my left eye I have a larger blue vein would these veins and dark circles be treatable... READ MORE

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