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Help for Dark Circles and Sunken Eyes

I have deep set eyes and now they're even more sunken. I'm 43 and I have I stopped smoking (5 years). I don't have bags, just dark circles and sunken... READ MORE

Sunken eyes and dark circles. I've used so many creams/serums,but nothing works. I'm looking for a permanent solution. (Photo)

I have used so many creams and serums in the past nothing seems to work , one dermatologist told me i should use hydroquinone %4, he also offer... READ MORE

What is the best treatment to reduce the appearance of deep tear troughs/hollow under eyes? (photos)

I am a 21 year old female and I have had dark circles and deep tear troughs/hollow under eyes since I was a young child. As far as dark circles go, I... READ MORE

Best Procedure for Dark, Sunken Circles Under the Eye? (Age 18)

I am only 18 years old and I have fair skin. I have had these sunken in dark circles as long as I can remember. I look tired and sickly all of the... READ MORE

Treatment for Sunken Eyes at 24? (photo)

I am 24 years old and have developed sunken eyes. After using an eye cream, I had a headache behind my eyeballs and since then, my eyes have sunk in... READ MORE

I have very dark, hollow, sunken eyes. It was hereditary. How do I get rid of them? (Photo)

I've had them since I was a baby. They are very very hollow & you can tell there is no fat around my eyes. When you touch under my eyes, you feel bone... READ MORE

Treatment for Dark Circles Caused by Sunken Lower Eyelid?

The sunken eye look started just about 2 years ago. I am 36 and look worn out. I am assuming the fat has diminished from that area and that is why I... READ MORE

I have dark under eye circles. Now I have problems w/ tear troughs & sunken look & loss of elasticity. Any suggestions? (photo)

I've tried everything under the sun to minimize it and nothing seems to work. I finally made an appointment with a primary care physician but, I was... READ MORE

I've developed severe sunken eyes with extreme fine lines and dark circles, but I'm only 17. How can I get rid of them? (Photo)

People CANNOT AND avoid LOOKING AT ME IN THE EYE anymore. My doctor says there is nothing wrong, but I haven't had any medical tests to prove it. She... READ MORE

What type of cosmetic surgery would I need to get rid of dark eyes almost sink in and make me look sick, old and tired? (Photo)

I am 19y.o and I have had serious eczema as a child so I belive that perhaps all the steroid creams that have gone into my skin has made my face look... READ MORE

Dark Circles A Result of Insomnia Or Broken Capillaries?

I have been struggling with insomnia for over 18 months with red eyes. could the dark circles be from all the sleepless nights i have or could they be... READ MORE

Need a Board Certified Nashville Plastic Surgeon to Treat Sunken Under Eyes

I am 43, my eyes r sunken with huge indentions underneath my eyes. I need to find a great board certified plastic surgeon in the Nashville TN area. READ MORE

Need help with dark circles and bags developing, after mourning a death, can't cope with this too.

My closest friend died suddenly, I have been crying a lot & shattered. After a couple days, I noticed my eyes were suddenly darker than normal and... READ MORE

Im 28 Male. Due to Excessive Masturbation my Eyes Are Deep Sunken Inside. How Can This Be Cured? (photo)

Im healthy i eat a good diet but due to excessive masturbation the area around my eyes is dark and sunken inside. i have left the habit of... READ MORE

Does over-masturbation lead to sunken eyes and dark circles? Daily and sometimes even twice a day for the past 7 years (Photo)

I m addicted to masturbation. I tried to control it but i ended up doing it even more. From past 1 year i noticed i have sunken eyes and big dark... READ MORE

Dark Permanent Sunken Eyes? (photo)

Im only 17 yet I have permanent dark hollow eyes. Goes from tissued cheek to very thin purplish undereye skin. Even with concealer its still... READ MORE

Dark Under Eye Circle Treatment/correction? (photo)

I have very dark under eye circle and they are very sunken in. They look a lot lighter in the picture than they do in real life. It's a pain to... READ MORE

Under-eye Fillers? I Have Dark Circles and Lack of Fat Under My Eyes. How Do I Get Rid Of This Appearance? (photo)

I have dark circles with a reddish tint under my eyes that I assume are genetic. Also, there appears to be a lack of fat under my eyes, giving them a... READ MORE

I am a 34 year old East ndian man with dark circles around my eyes. What is the cause & what is the best treatment? (photos)

I am M, 34, East Indian ethnicity, lighter skin tone. Graveyard shift + extended work hours + worn glasses for over 20 years (had Lasix done). Most... READ MORE

What Can I Do About my Dark Circles and Hollowed Eyes?

I know many girls who complain about their eyes being too puffy or having bags but I've got the complete opposite. The skin under my eyes is very... READ MORE

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