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Laser Treatments for Hollow Eyes and Dark Circles?

I have really dark circles under my eyes and have had them as long as I can remember, the darkness seems to get worse when I sleep late but even when... READ MORE

Is the laser treatment for dark circles under eyes safe? (Photo)

I have dark circle under my eyes and I am living in Bangladesh . laser treatment in our country still new for the people . I am scared is it safe or not ? READ MORE

How can I permanently remove dark circles under my eyes? (Photo)

I got fillers under my eyes for my dark circles one month ago. In my option the darkness is still very prominent, I would love to know of any... READ MORE

I have suffered from dark circles since puberty and am 23 years old now. I need a permanent solution. (Photo)

I'm 23 years old of Pakistani origin and have suffered from dark circles under and around my eyes ever since puberty. I have tried every cream in the... READ MORE

Would fillers or laser treatment work for my dark circles? (Photo)

I've had these dark circles under my eyes for pretty much my whole life, it seems to be hereditary. I recently went into a local dermatologist and was... READ MORE

Under eye hollow/dark circles treatment: Fillers or laser? (Photos)

I have very large blue veins under my eyes that recently started a few years ago (see my before and what I want back). They fall directly along my... READ MORE

Dark circle under eyes and oily/red skin. Could laser or fillers help with my dark circles? (Photo)

I have genetic dark circles under the eyes (have them since i was 15, have 27 now). Tried some creams, i have a good diet, sleep 8 hours a day but... READ MORE

What is the best option for dark circles under the eyes? (Photo)

These dark circles make me look tired and beat up , what is the best option for treatment ? I have researched a number of solutions such as laser... READ MORE

Young 20 year old with dark circles, lines under eyes- best treatment options ? Dark circle creams, fillers, laser, ect? (Photo)

I'm a young 20-year-old guy, and I've had dark circles under my eyes since around age 7. More recently, I've noticed fine lines/wrinkles also. I get... READ MORE

What can I do about dark circles? I don't have bags or tear trough (Photo0

I've received conflicting advice to the cause of my dark circles. Sometimes they almost appear as if I have black eyes. I never had them before They... READ MORE

Is there a laser treatment that can help with my dark under eye pigmentation? (Photo)

I already tried restylane for my eyes and it did help significantly with the hollow in my eyes I still want to find out what treatments there are for... READ MORE

What can be done to reduce the purple colour under my eyes? (Photo)

I have had purple circles under my eyes my entire life. Recently I had a restalyne filler injected to reduce the shadows under my eyes and several AFT... READ MORE

Am I good candidate for the laser option for dark circle removal? (photos)

Over the years I've formed dark circles due to heavy computer use and staying up late hours of the night. I've tried spending time off of the pc and... READ MORE

Can I improve my under eyes? (Photo)

I have very dark/noticeable circles under my eyes, they look horrible. The skin is very thin with some whitish 'bumps' and just looks terrible.... READ MORE

Dark Circles and Eyebrow Asymmetry? (photo)

Two Questions: 1) I posted about my eyebrow asymmetry earlier and got some good responses. I saw a surgeon who said botox would not work in my... READ MORE

Dark Circles 20 Years Old? (photo)

I am only 20 this year and I have severe dark circles. This problem can be very depressing so I decided to go for laser treatments. Is there any good... READ MORE

I Have Pigment Under my Right Eye and Would Like to Know if There is Any Treatment Available for It?

I have dark pigment under my right eye while my left eye is fine. I had a laser performed once to treat the pigment but found it painful. After that... READ MORE

Whats the Best Product for my Dark Circles?

I'm seventeen and have dark circles ever since I can remember (blue/purple). I'm considering a laser to lighten them because creams havent worked... READ MORE

Is there a laser treatment to remove hereditary dark circles and uneven skin tone? How much would it cost in India?

We consult local dermatologist but no benefit from creams and there any laser technology to remove the dark much it costs in india READ MORE

Why Do I Have Dark Puffy Circles 8 Months After I Had Under Eye Laser?

My eyes look worse now than before I had the laser done. the procedure was done for fine lines. now I look tired all the time. what can I do to make... READ MORE

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