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Can I Get a Tear Trough Implant in Europe?

I have dark circles under my eye. I don't have fat under my eyes but it is purple/dark color.Would tear trough implant help me? Is there... READ MORE

Will Orbital Rim Implants Make Your Face Look Fatter?

I have dark hollows under my eyes. Will orbital rim implants only add volume to the hollows, or will they add volume to the entire midface as well,... READ MORE

What is the best way to treat orbital rims with negative vectors? (Photo)

I've had "dark circles" all of my life. I've come to realise it's probably a deformity in my cheekbones. Currently I'm investigating orbital rim... READ MORE

Thoughts on tear trough implants?

For your patients with negative vector orbits, what are your thoughts on tear trough implants as a more long term solution? It seems that all other... READ MORE

Tear-through Implants Options?

I have severe under eye darkness which is caused by a very hollow under eye. is there any implants available that can be placed beneath the under-eye... READ MORE

Sunken eyeballs but small orbital volume (no brow bone protrusion or ptosis, dark circles under eyes). Options? (photo)

This kind of asymmetry bothers me a lot. I feel that my eyeballs sit far too deep in my orbital rims. I was looking into augmenting my orbital rims... READ MORE

Tear trough implants or fat grafting? (photo)

I was born with huge dark circles that can't be covered by no matter how much concealer I pile on. It seems to have something to do with the shadows... READ MORE

How to fix those hollow eyes and dark circles? Filler, Fat Grafting, or Orbital Rim Implant? What gives the best result?(photos)

Have a look at those photos. I'm a 25 years old male and suffering from those hollow eyes. I want my eye area to look like on the second photo. How... READ MORE

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