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What is the best treatment for my under eye hollowness? (photos)

I am 23 years old and I have always had these hollows under my eyes. They aren't bags but big, dark, hollow circles with a definitive line that... READ MORE

I have very dark, hollow, sunken eyes. It was hereditary. How do I get rid of them? (Photo)

I've had them since I was a baby. They are very very hollow & you can tell there is no fat around my eyes. When you touch under my eyes, you feel bone... READ MORE

Hollow dark circles. Hereditary? How to get rid of them? (Photo)

What would be the best solution in improving my hollow dark circles. It's not just under my eyes it's around them. It makes me feel insecure I need... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Restylane and Juvederm? (photo)

Hi, I am an 18 year old female with extreme hereditary under eye circles caused by hollowness. I wear makeup everyday to try to cover it up, but it... READ MORE

I'm 27 yr old female with dark circles and hollowness under the eyes. Which treatment or procedure would be best for me? (photo)

I had those dark circles since my childhood. . But they became much worse the last two years.. due to stress and sleep issues. . And also I have... READ MORE

Best treatment for hollow eyes, dark under eye circles, bad wrinkles under eyes when smiling? (Photo)

I have hollow eyes, dark circles, & bad wrinkles under my eyes when I smile. I am 44. I wa prescribed tretinoin by my derm but have read that it can... READ MORE

Hollow Circles Under Eyes in 24-year-old

I'm 24 years old and have always had hollow circles under my eyes. I have fairly chubby cheeks, which makes the hollowness more apparent. I would like... READ MORE

Dark circles and hollow eyes. What can I do? I have heard fat injections will go away very quickly. (Photo)

I am 46 with olive skin , as I age around my eyes gets more dark and hollow. I don't have wrinkles in my face but my eyes make my face look very tired... READ MORE

Treatment for dark circles and hollowing? (Photo)

I'm 39 and have very dark circles under my eyes. They came on quite quickly once they started years ago and have only gotten worse. It looks like I've... READ MORE

What's the least invasive treatment for dark circles and wrinkles under and around eyes? (Photo)

Hi everyone! I have had dark circles and crow's feet since I was little. As you can see in the pictures, I have hollow eyes, some veins and thin skin.... READ MORE

Will Orbital Rim Implants Make Your Face Look Fatter?

I have dark hollows under my eyes. Will orbital rim implants only add volume to the hollows, or will they add volume to the entire midface as well,... READ MORE

How to repair or best treatment for my hollow/sunken eyes? (Photo)

I started to have dark eye circle in age of 20, now I'm 30 and they r getting worse over time. I have realised over last few years my eyes are... READ MORE

I have dark circles and hollowness in my eyes. How can I get rid of them without surgery?

I want to get rid of hollowness and dark circles of my eyes without surgery please help READ MORE

Dark Permanent Sunken Eyes? (photo)

Im only 17 yet I have permanent dark hollow eyes. Goes from tissued cheek to very thin purplish undereye skin. Even with concealer its still... READ MORE

I have really bad dark circles under my eyes. What's the best way to get rid of them? (Photo)

..they started to show about 5 years ago and I'm battling them since then! Is there any cream or bleacher that could help for this type of dark... READ MORE

Hormone Imbalance Causing Hollowing Under Eyes at 23?

I'm 23 and have been diagnosed with insulin resistance,pcos, sub-clinical hypothyroid and clinical depression. I have developed hollows under my eyes... READ MORE

How Do Correct Tired Hollow Eyes?

Hi, I am only 26 and I have these crazy lines under my eyes. They look sort of hollow I guess (?) They formed over about a month ago out of nowhere. I... READ MORE

How to Treat Dark Circles Under Eyes Caused by Fat Injections?

I had fat injections under my eyes 2 years ago to correct hollowness which did not work. I am left with dark cirles that look like bruises. I am 31. I... READ MORE

Do I have the tear trough deformity i.e fat volume loss or is it just thin skin i.e collagen loss under eye? (photos)

What can be done to improve the under eye hollowness and darkness permanently ? Any specific diet , natural remedies , Vitamin C Supplements or fat... READ MORE

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