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Cause of Dark Circles Along Nasal Bridge / Eye Socket?

I got this picture while looking into Periorbital dark circles (which I have severely). Anyways if you look at the picture I have circled part of the... READ MORE

What Can Remove These Dark Circles?

I am 20 years old and have suffered from dark circles since i was about 12 That is when i first got prescripted glasses that i had to wear daily. Now... READ MORE

Do I have allergic shiners? (Photo)

I have had puffy dark under eyes since October along with facial pressure, recurring sore throat, nasal congestion and ear ache. The pressure in my... READ MORE

Is this an allergy shiner, or something else (dark mark on side of nose and under eye)? How can I make it disappear? (Photo)

I have developed a dark line that begins at the bridge of my nose and travels down to the beginning of my nostril. this has only become apparent over... READ MORE

I'm 26 years old and have suffered with dark circles since I was 21. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

My father also has them. Can you tell me what the cause of the darkness is, and whether I would benefit from any particular treatments. Also whether... READ MORE

I have really dark patches under the inner side of the eye. Any suggestions? (photo)

Hi, I'm 25 and I've had these dark circles since I was about 10 to 11 years old but they weren't as prominent. I used to get nasal congestion a lot... READ MORE

Any treatments for these "Dark Circles?" (Photo)

Hello! Are there are any treatments for these strange dark lesions under my eyes. They are not directly under my eyes, but they begin from the medial... READ MORE

Do Undereye Chemical Peels (for Dark Circles) Cause Wrinkles?

Do Undereye Chemical Peels (for Dark Circles) Cause Wrinkles? READ MORE

My face doesn't gain weight anymore like it used to and always looks tired, and I have dark circles under my eyes. Why?

I have a question about a weird situation that always occur for an unexpected reason. I wake up most of the time have a puffy eye bags and my face... READ MORE

What's the cause of my dark circles? (Photo)

So recently ive noticed my dark circles and they are really bugging me. suspect that it is caused by hyper pigmentation since my skin is slightly... READ MORE

Dark eye circles cause? ( 16 years old ) (Photo)

I'm only 16 years old but my dark eye circles are really prominent, and If I look closely I can see blood vessels underneath, any ways to solve this?... READ MORE

Does over-masturbation lead to sunken eyes and dark circles? Daily and sometimes even twice a day for the past 7 years (Photo)

I m addicted to masturbation. I tried to control it but i ended up doing it even more. From past 1 year i noticed i have sunken eyes and big dark... READ MORE

What Causes Dark Circles Under the Eyes? Treatment Options?

Hi, i've had dark circles since a nasal obstruction acquired during childhood. I am 20 years old now and the sinus issues are on their way to... READ MORE

Diagnosis and cause of my dark circles - treatment options? (Photos)

I am 26 yr old female, Indian origin. I suffer from myopia and PCOS and Rosacea. I have terrible dark circles from long before i was diagnosed with... READ MORE

Does lack of sleep and exhaustion cause sunken/hollowed eyes?

My eyes are sunken in, to the point where they have lost their almond shape. I suffer from insomnia due to depression and anxiety and can go for days... READ MORE

What causes dark under eye circles at a young age?

I am only 17 years old, and have under eye dark circles. I'm pale so they are noticeable and have a purple blue tint. I get plenty of sleep and am... READ MORE

Are my dark circles due to thin skin on the eyelid or other causes? (photo)

Hi! I just want to ask if my dark circles is due to skin thin eyelids that makes the vein visible or pigmentation? Is fat grafting helpful to make it... READ MORE

What is the cause of the thick shadowed area under my inner eyebrow? (Photo)

Directly under my inner eyebrows is this thickness that causes a horrible shadow. I know it's not caused by my weight issue as I had this when I was a... READ MORE

Are Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles Caused by Inflammed Skin?

I'm sensitive to light bulbs and heat. One day I was in front of the mirror, with attached incandescent light bulbs that are hot. My face got... READ MORE

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