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Retin-A or Fillers for Hollow, Under Eye Circles and Wrinkles?

I've had issues with tear trough dark circles for as long I can remember. But due to both smoking and tanned in the past, I'm seeing more... READ MORE

What is the best treatment to reduce the appearance of deep tear troughs/hollow under eyes? (photos)

I am a 21 year old female and I have had dark circles and deep tear troughs/hollow under eyes since I was a young child. As far as dark circles go, I... READ MORE

Permanent Fix for Dark and Deep Tear Trough?

I have had my tear troughs filled with Juvederm for the past two years now, and even prior with Captique. I've been happy with this fix as it's the... READ MORE

I have dark under eye circles. Now I have problems w/ tear troughs & sunken look & loss of elasticity. Any suggestions? (photo)

I've tried everything under the sun to minimize it and nothing seems to work. I finally made an appointment with a primary care physician but, I was... READ MORE

What is the Best Option to Eliminate my Dark Circles and Tear Troughs at the Same Time? (photo)

I have dark under eye circles along with deep tear troughs, but no "bags" that most people are talking about on this site. I believe I have thin under... READ MORE

Permanent fix for tear trough deformity, dark purple circles, and poor cheek projection on a young patient?

Hi, i've had these issues for as long as i can remember. People ask me if i'm tired daily and it's annoying. i look lifeless. Unfortunately it's... READ MORE

What could be my options for tear trough as well as dark circles under my eyes? (Photo)

I am very concerned about this tear trough problem and this dark circle under my eyes that no matter how much I cake up on concealer, you can see the... READ MORE

I Have Dark Circles Around my Eyes, but my Tear Ducks Are of Normal Color?

Hello Well, I have dark circles around my eyes. Its either caused by hyperpigmentation or its caused by borken capiliaries because when i pull my... READ MORE

Can I Get a Tear Trough Implant in Europe?

I have dark circles under my eye. I don't have fat under my eyes but it is purple/dark color.Would tear trough implant help me? Is there... READ MORE

Best eye skin treatment for dark circles, visible oil glands and redness? (Photo)

I suffer from dark circles and oil glands, both of which are quite prominent and visible due to having fair skin. I currently use a 0.10% tretinoin... READ MORE

I have always had dark circles since I was a child. Tear trough or dark circles? (Photo)

People always ask me if I'm tired or didn't sleep or if I'm sick. I avoid taking pictures because I look older than what I am because of this. Im 40... READ MORE

Bad dark circles. What's my best option? (Photo)

Tear trough fillers, cheek fillers or just some good makeup?! I'm 42 and I think my eyes really age me and make me look tired. Thanks for your help. READ MORE

Would tear trough filler work on my eyes ? (photos)

Hello I've had dark circles since I was a kid. Nothing ever worked, and makeup doesn't do much either. I believe I have several things going on : tear... READ MORE

Dark circles and hollows under the eye, tear trough looks unnatural. What is the alternative to restylane?

I have hollows and dark circles under my eyes showing the blue of the veins under the eyes. Years ago, I had the tear trough treatment, using... READ MORE

How do I correct tear trough, under eye circles?

I am a woman who's about to turn 60. Fair, thin skinned and a redhead. I'm an esthetician giving me a bit of an edge, long term ~ good skin care... READ MORE

I have very dark and noticeable tear troughs. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have extremely dark tear troughs. I always look extremely tired and no amount of makeup will make my under eyes not look sunken in. Is there... READ MORE

I had dark circles under my eyes since birth, the skin on the lower eyelid is very dark. Is there a fix for this? (photo)

The bags under my eyes are noticeable in person and on camera and it's been like that since birth. I believe I have a Tear through deformity on both... READ MORE

Undereye Skin Pigmentation (Slight Dark Circles)?

Near my tear trough/under-eye area I have slight skin pigmentation. Other than fillers, bleaching creams, chemical peels etc.. (none of those things... READ MORE

Do I have the tear trough deformity i.e fat volume loss or is it just thin skin i.e collagen loss under eye? (photos)

What can be done to improve the under eye hollowness and darkness permanently ? Any specific diet , natural remedies , Vitamin C Supplements or fat... READ MORE

Will Restylane Tear Trough Fillers Get Rid of my Dark Circles? (photo)

My dark circles bother me so much and I have recently been researching restylane fillers. A friend is having a botox party (the Dr is someone she has... READ MORE

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