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IPL for Dark Circles Safe?

Is IPL safe and effective at removing dark cicles around the eye and upper cheek area? As some surgeons include this as part of a dark cirlce removing... READ MORE

Is the laser treatment for dark circles under eyes safe? (Photo)

I have dark circle under my eyes and I am living in Bangladesh . laser treatment in our country still new for the people . I am scared is it safe or not ? READ MORE

Is there any safe way to permeant get rid of dark circles ?

Is there any safe way to permant get rid of dark circels ? I am of indian decents. I am not interested in fillers. ( i guess i got what they call tear... READ MORE

What can I do about dark circles? I don't have bags or tear trough (Photo0

I've received conflicting advice to the cause of my dark circles. Sometimes they almost appear as if I have black eyes. I never had them before They... READ MORE

Can I use 2% Hydroquinone for under eye dark circles? (photo)

I have an extremely bad case of dark circles and I'm only 20 , so its very troubling to have koala eyes. Plus i have severe hyper- pigmentation on the... READ MORE

Under-Eye Treatment Suggestions? (Photo)

Hello, I've used Retinol and Hydroquinone for my Acne scars and foolishly I've used it under and over my eyes for Dark-Circles and they worsened my... READ MORE

Is alpha hydroxy cream safe to use around the eyes to help skin after hydrocortisone treatment for dermatitis?

In a case in which the type of dermatitis is not known for sure with the possibility of being contact dermatitis or blepharitis on eyelids and dark... READ MORE

Is it safe to use hydroquinone 4% for my dark circles?

I have a permanent pigmented dark circles I have been using hydroquinone to whiten. Will it cause damage or wrinkles to my under eye READ MORE

I have eczema and dark circles around my eyes. I have tried a lot of things but nothing helps?

I have bad dark circles around my eyes it safe to use persivate mixed with aqueous cream b.p READ MORE

Is there any safe way to remove small blue veins under my eyes? (photo)

I have extremely fair skin and thin skin under my eyes. I have had small blue veins under my eyes for as long as I can remember. Make-up helps but I... READ MORE

Hereditary under eye bags with a purplish bluish color. What is a safe eye treatment and what is the exact procedure? (Photos)

I have undereye and eyelid discoloration , it looks like I have a black eye cuz it's all around my eye. It doesn't matter if I sleep enough or stress... READ MORE

What is the best and safe treatment for dark circles?

I have dark circles and hallowness from many years...i sleep well and have used all the creams which doctor recommended... But could not get rid of... READ MORE

Are under eyes fillers permanent and safe?

I am 23 yr old. I have dark circles. Doctor suggested fillers because eyes are deep inside. Are fillers permanent? Shall i go for it? READ MORE

Laser treatment for dark circles - safe or not?

These dark circles... I want to know the procedure and cost of laser treatment for dark circles? And this treatment is safe or not? READ MORE

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