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Permanent solution for my dark eyes? (photos)

Hello doc, i'm 17 yeads old i have been having dark eyes eversince and it hqunts me everyday, can u imqgine being the only person in school with very... READ MORE

Is there an effective natural method to get rid of dark circles?

I'd like to know an effective natural way to get rid of dark circles around eyes as I really don't want to have any surgery done. READ MORE

Dark Circles, Best Remedy? (photo)

I have had dark circles since i was a little kid but they have gotten worse now that i am 16, are they really severe? , what would be the best remedy... READ MORE

Do I have the tear trough deformity i.e fat volume loss or is it just thin skin i.e collagen loss under eye? (photos)

What can be done to improve the under eye hollowness and darkness permanently ? Any specific diet , natural remedies , Vitamin C Supplements or fat... READ MORE

I'm an 18 year old male with sunken eyes, dark circles and no fat tissue. Are there natural remedies to help me? (photo)

M just 18, And there are creepy dark circles. Around wd no fat tissue, can u tell a safe procedure with natural remedies? READ MORE

Is there a possibility to remove or reduce hereditary dark circles under the eyes? (photo)

I've had dark circles for as long as I can remmeber them.They're hereditary.Even sibilings have them. I used to suffer from sinus congestion when I... READ MORE

I'm 13 and have dark circles and wrinkles. Is there anything I can do to get rid of them? (Photo)

I'm 13 and have bad dark circles and wrinkles . The wrinkles are under my eyes and around my mouth, I have a lot under my eyes that are quite fine but... READ MORE

Does severe dark circles get cured by natural therapies?

I am having severe dark circles for the past 6 years. I need to cure it within 6 months as I am having my mariage. Please do tell me a remedy to get... READ MORE

I have dark circles from childhood because my mother also has them.

I have light dark circles.i have tried all natural treatment which has helped me 20% only. Nowadays i am using Himalaya herbal under eye cream but no... READ MORE

Eating Disorder Recovery Face Mass Problem

I am 18 years old. I had Eating disorder about 6 month, but in that time I have lost around 20% of my original bodyweight. In that short time I was... READ MORE

What treatments are out there to help me get rig of dark deep set under eye circles?

I've always had naturally dark and dry under eye circles, but ever since I lost weight they have gotten very hollow and deep set. No matter how I... READ MORE

I want to get rid of my dark circles?

I have these really bad dark circles and I am very young an a teen. I am very uncomfortable with them. I know it is genetics because my mom has them... READ MORE

What is the best procedure to correct my eyes/dark circles? (Photos)

I am a 37 year old mother of 2 and have had dark circles for as long as I can remember! While I cover them with make up - on good days they're (partly... READ MORE

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